Is the initial hype cooling off?

Is the initial hype cooling off?

Has the reality set in, or am I the only one who notices the S coming back to earth with teething problems like all new cars?
(door handles issue, seating, height inside,key fob,'normalise range not 300,etc....

Don't get me wrong, I am (still) an enthusiastic SIG reservation holders,but"............

Discoducky | September 4, 2012

Remains to be seen...I'm waiting for Sig reviews before jumping on that bandwagon.

Crow | September 4, 2012

We tend to exaggerate the negatives, or I should say, perceived negatives. Drive the car and decide for yourself instead of listening to those that nitpick a ground breaking car. | September 4, 2012

Enthusiasm remains high. I'm counting on you SIGs to tell me what you think when you get your turn. And I hope to contribute when my turn comes. An Irish saying that I noted in another thread still applies. "The only cure for Love is Marriage". The only cure for This is Delivery-- then I will happily come back to "reality".

TikiMan | September 4, 2012

I really don't think it's actually started yet. VERY few people know about the Model S, and in fact, when I wear my Tesla cap, most people ask me what it is related to. Some ask me if it's related to the famous inventor, and others ask me if it's related to the band.

When I tell people what it is, most say... "Oh, yea, I have seen a few of those cars around town! Doesn't Justin Beeber own a silver one?" To which I try and explain to them that they saw a Fisker, Karma, and it doesn't EVEN remotely come close to what a Model S has and can do. Then when I explain the Model S, they are astounded (few even believe me).

BTW... I live in Orange County, California where it's not uncommon to see million-dollar exotics on the road every day, much less just about every type of vehicle on Earth. Thus, the very fact that so few around where I live have even hear of the Model S, is a good indication there just isn't enough cars or press out there to hype anyone... yet.

Brian H | September 4, 2012

You sayin' it hasn't come to the attention of the REAL high rollers yet? ;) Just wait!

David den Boer | September 5, 2012

Depends on who you talk to about hype...
Since test drive cars have been in some of the stores, the amount of people putting in deposits on cars has increased greatly (not saying where I heard this or from who but there it is).
I know for a fact that I have sent several co-workers over to the local store to go for a drive, and they come back with a Tesla grin, and some even $5k lighter.

Electric Machete | September 5, 2012

Vouteb, I am feeling the same kind of ambivalence. Perhaps it has to do with committing to a six figure car price, perhaps I spend too much time here where every problem seems to be magnified. Regardless, I am somewhat less enthusiastic than I once was. I am really looking forward to hearing from the new batch of Model S owners that are getting their cars next week. I have to submit my paperwork by the 22nd in order not to lose my place in line (#3820). It's been almost two years since I put down my deposit, so it could be simply fatigue that is causing my excitement to dwindle.

I think my biggest concern is that this supercar, with state of the art technology, doesn't currently have any wifi access, streaming music apps, a key fob that changes the seat position, the long promised smartphone app, satellite radio, or the ability to update the operating system remotely. All things that were promised and to be honest, I am pretty shocked that they weren't available in all delivered vehicles. I am optimistic that much of this will be addressed in the newest batch. I think that would restore my faith.

sergiyz | September 5, 2012

There are trade offs we are all making as early adopters, but the first production year for pretty much any high performance car is usually a bit rough.
And yes, some bells and whistles are simply not there.
You are getting something in return though - high performance that is on par with major ICE competitors, some are significantly more expensive; more room and cargo capacity, clean technology that even gets you a carpool lane pass in some states etc.
It all adds up to a pretty darn amazing car that is also a drivers car, the only EV I can say that about.
Waiting is probably the most frustrating part since that and pricing makes you raise your expectations.
Once you get over that you realize you'd wait for a custom configured Porsche or even BMW for 6 months (more if it's a hot item) and they wouldn't be perfect either.
Most issues on the current punch list are software related, I'm not worried about those.
Mechanical and electrical issues is definitely a concern, but most if not all should be fixed before they start making general production cars.
They didn't even start delivering Sigs yet (only founders and SSL are being delivered), so there's at least a couple of months to fix whatever issue are still pending.

Volker.Berlin | September 5, 2012

To which I try and explain to them that they saw a Fisker, Karma, and it doesn't EVEN remotely come close to what a Model S has and can do. (TikiMan)

I'm sure you meant to say:

"To which I try and explain to them that they saw a Fisker, Karma, and it doesn't EVer™ remotely come close to what a Model S has and can do!"


Volker.Berlin | September 5, 2012

vouteb, I'm in the "it hasn't even started" camp.

ItsNotAboutTheMoney | September 5, 2012

I'm with Volker.
If they fail to ramp they die.
If they ramp successfully the hype will crescendo until the media have squeezed every last drop of excitement out of it and then it will quietly be a desirable car like other desirable cars.

Mark22 | September 5, 2012

No negative surprises here and no lack of excitement.
When I reserved my signature I knew the history of how difficult the Roadster launch was. I planned on December as I have a general appreciation of just how difficult it is for a small start up company to launch a new model.
My biggest surprise has been that they are ahead of my mental schedule and that the issues causing delays have mainly been supplier issues.
The reviews have been very good.
The only thing I would 'ding' Tesla for is I would like more information more often. But a big part of that is my eagerness for news:)

Brian H | September 5, 2012

You do NOT have to finalize by the 22nd. You'll just get "bumped" 1 day for every day you delay.

Robert22 | September 6, 2012

@electric M-

I think they've worked out the key fob issues and they're ready for the mutt test....

Michael S | September 7, 2012


News to me that there is no smartphone, wifi or streaming music apps. i must have missed the announcement. Website indicates all are offered. My delivery specialist indicated the same. Where did you hear that these things aren't in the cars?

petero | September 7, 2012

It hasn't started yet. The "S" is the first 21st Century automobile, not a recycled parts bin makeover. When the public sees it, they will go crazy for it.

Also, in my opinion, the most basic "S" at $57,400 is a remarkable bargain. Early "S" buyers are not really appreciating it. Like Popeye, "it is what it is" and for a daily commuter car it is spot on. It isn't everything to everyone - but what is?

For perhaps 40-50% more than a Leaf you get rolling art, way better performance and range. In the medium run, I think it will be an interesting competition between a base "S" or a loaded Gen III. In the long run, the "S" will go very high end, packaged with everything +++.

Epley | September 14, 2012
Volker.Berlin | September 14, 2012

"Pioneering vehicles end up in museums – expect to show your great-grandchildren a Tesla Model S someday." ;-)

epley, thanks for posting the link!