Installation cost estimates for high power charger in Houston

Installation cost estimates for high power charger in Houston

We're getting a high power charger installed in our garage and am trying to understand what the typical installation costs for the electrician have run in Houston (or elsewhere-- as I'm sure others would find this useful). Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

tes-s | January 27, 2014

About $1000. Cheaper for short easy runs from the panel, more for more complicated runs, panel/service upgrades, permits, etc.

Any elecrician can put in a HPWC.

jbunn | January 27, 2014

No, please... Not this topic again. Volkerize the hundreds of threads on this topic.

The answer is anywhere between 50 dollars, and 10,000 dollars depending on your circumstances.

You need to have an electrician come out and give you a bid if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself.

L8MDL | January 27, 2014

Jbunn - nice way to give an intro to a new user! Who put you in charge? The subject was clear - if you're so pained by reading it, ignore it. But of course you can't, or won't, do that. | January 27, 2014

You might want to cross-post in the Texas forum, might get more relevant responses. In general, it breaks down to two components: 1) length of the run from the breaker box to the HPWC location and 2) how crowded you breaker box is.

My price in CA was ~$500 for a local licenses electrician, but that was pretty much best case--HPWC right next to the breaker box (other side of the same wall) and no space issues.


amitb00 | January 27, 2014

How many amps in your home?

SUN 2 DRV | January 27, 2014

JBunn: With all those words, you could have at least told him how to Volkerize something.

Keith72 | January 27, 2014

Here's a link to the Houston Forum on TMC. I'm sure people here can point you to an electrician in your area and an idea on price. I had a 50 amp 240 volt circuit run to my garage (about a 100' run from my panel) for $1000 - but I live in League City, not Houston. There's a lot of other good info in the link about Opti-Coat and local get-togethers.

jbunn | January 27, 2014

L8MDL, The subject is clear. The solution requires more information that can be described in a forum. if you're so pained, tune out.

joehuber, how to use Volkerize is covered in the post on the front page of this forum called "NEW TO THE FORUM? Read this first before posting."

I posted a write up on about 20 things that need to be considered when putting in an EV outlet. They include; length of drop, amperage, conduit/direct bury/in-wall installation, core drilling through concrete walls, overhead runs, crawl space runs, trenching, replacing/upgrading existing service, additions of sub panels, existing code issues that need to be addressed for new permit, permitting fees, going rates for electricians in a given area, and the homeowners skill level with doing their own work.

We have seen install costs reported here in the 50 to 10,000 dollar range. Understand that I am NOT trying to be rude. Simply, the question the original poster is looking for is not answerable here. My advice was to contact an electrician, and that advice is still safe and appropriate.

Finally to those that are offended by my advice, I use my primary email contact information as my forum name. I don't hide behind an alias, and I do respond to personal emails from other forum members looking for more information. I'm completely transparent, and my interest is only to exchange information.

KGB | October 25, 2014

I think I know what the OP was looking for (but probably isn't anymore due to how old this thread is).

I can tell you that I personally installed a 50A 240V breaker in a sub-panel near my parking in my single-family home a couple years back, then wired it to a NEMA 14-50. It wasn't particularly difficult. The run was about 10 feet and I did it all myself in about an hour or two. Total cost for the equipment may have run about $200. It was several years back, so I can't remember all the details.

I am having a HPWC installed in a high rise. The power is being pulled from a 480V panel the floor above. I'm not exactly sure how far the run is, but the total cost (not including the actual HPWC from Tesla) is $6,900.

Both these quotes fall in the range quotes in other posts.