Installed PowerWall 2 videos and features

Installed PowerWall 2 videos and features

Mike83 | August 25, 2017

Lots of FUD on Tesla on forums it seems.

Bluesday Afternoon | August 26, 2017

There are three videos to view. It was helpful in better understanding the system and what happens if the grid goes down. My comment will also push it up in front of the junk.

Famman49 | August 26, 2017

Looking forward to my own installation soon. Bump.

Andrew Norfolk | August 27, 2017

Nice videos very informative

Mike83 | August 27, 2017

I like the graphs showing real time production and usage which completely charged from his solar panels or the Powerwall not even using the gird. Similar to his set up I want to do. He even added more solar which worked with his Sunny Boy inverter.

Mike83 | August 27, 2017

When we get our Model 3 and have a Model S already we have to figure out how to either add more solar panels or maybe make a separate system that can tie into the main home solar system. This way we could be grid tied in but not needing to use it.
Of course we may just build a new home using the Tesla roofs.

Tesla-David | August 27, 2017

Thanks for posting @Mike83, very informative. I can't wait to get our Powerwall-2 installation. I am expecting it within the next month or so.

Bluesday Afternoon | August 27, 2017


Tell us about your PowerWall-2 order. Is it going to tie in to an existing solar array? When did you start the process?

Tesla-David | August 27, 2017

I started ~2 years ago with the Powerwall-1, which went nowhere, and initiated the Powerwall-2 more than a year ago. It has been one long wait, but am hopefully approaching the finish line. It will definitely tie into our 13.2 kWh solar system, installed in 2012. I will be installing 2-Powerall-2 backup batteries, which should be sufficient for all our needs. I am very excited to get this installation done, and the very informative videos only heighten that enthusiasm. We have been net-positive for past five years in our all electric home, and were 204% of our electricity needs in 2016, which also included charging our MS.

Andrew Norfolk | August 28, 2017

Tesla-David that is a long time. Im in the UK I hope the delivery time is better these days here.

Another good review here :

Mike83 | August 28, 2017

Tesla=David You have an awesome system. The PW2 is exciting and as I said above I am looking at a lot to build and then decided to upgrade our current PV system.
More GF's will be needed.
Our system for 5 years has now given us free power and we are now in the black from our initial solar panel investment. I have been cost averaging Tesla stock. My big concern is the dollar value which seems to be dropping with the poor economics the US seems to be trying out again. But it will make Teslas cheaper in other countries which is a plus.

Tesla-David | August 28, 2017

@Andrew Norfolk, thanks for the Powerwall review link, very informative and worthwhile. I think the delivery times will get better, as they ramp up the training and Powerwall production. The demand is there, and I have been heavily engaged in letting them know how much I want this installation. I waited three years for our first MS, so waiting is something I have gotten used to, but it was worth it for the MS, and I am sure it will be worth it for the Powerwall-2 as well.

Tesla-David | August 29, 2017

@Mike83, great to hear about your commitment and plans. We spent a lot on our initial PV system, but it has been worthwhile, and will be paid off by the end of next year. It is exciting to see the stories of PW2 installations in Australia, but am looking forward to getting more PW2 installations in U.S. as well. I believe Tesla/EM has started a very positive movement to revolutionize transportation, energy generation and storage. Go Tesla!!

As I have previously mentioned, we were certified NZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) last year by the International Living Future Institute. I have linked to that certification, which describes our efforts at sustainability.

Mike83 | August 29, 2017

Awesome Tesla-David. Great to see real action.
Here is a link to the Stanford Road map to 100% sustainable energy that is exhaustive in its details and it is for the entire 50 States.

Teslafarmer | August 30, 2017

Has anyone in Oregon got a PW2 installed yet? West coast? I'm having difficulties getting thru to Tesla about the PW2.

Tesla-David | August 30, 2017

@Teslafarmer, as far as I am able to ascertain, no-one in Washington State, and I believe Oregon as well has gotten PW2 installations. I have been complaining to Tesla Powerwall for more than six months, and was finally contacted early this month and informed that they are expecting to move northward out of California soon to begin installations in NW. You might try this number to get in touch with someone at Tesla-Powerwall to address your questions about Oregon PW2 installations. (725-333-7748)

Teslafarmer | August 31, 2017

I got in contact!! Today I spoke with a Tesla rep and a scheduled for a site visit next week and installation should be by October, given the delays with permitting, design, etc. when I told the Tesla rep my zip code, he said "yes, we are serving that area" (NW Oregon). So I'm happily thinking this will work.

Andrew Norfolk | September 6, 2017

Another good video of PW2 in the UK. Look up "Fully Charged" on you tube. for some reason the link causes the spam filter to be triggered !

Mike83 | September 6, 2017
Coastal Cruiser. | September 14, 2017

Here it is.

youtube com/watch?v=nWLzlrGGuxQ

Mike83 | December 2, 2017

Comprehensive video. I think I'll expand my Solar also and add a few powerwalls after we get the Model 3
The app has more details for integration. Very cool

Tesla-David | December 2, 2017

Thanks @Coastal_Cruiser, very informative video. Still waiting for my PW2 installation, but expecting call early next year to get that done. Can't wait to get this done.

maciel1767 | December 15, 2017

Has anyone seen any documentation or heard that a single powerwall is limited to only backing up 4 circuits? My understanding is that the PW can handle 5kw (7kw peak) as long as the backed up circuits are under 30A. Looking at the meter, my home generally averages 1-1.5 kwh. So I'm thinking I should be able to back up my entire home with one PW, minus those few large breakers. I do understand that the time backed up will be shorter due to the smaller storage. Am I thinking correctly?

ken | December 16, 2017

My Solar City rep said I could pick 12 circuits, excluding the AC, Stove, Dryer, and Tesla HPWC, to connect to my single PW2 battery. I only have 16 excluding those, so not a big deal.

ken | December 16, 2017

And yes, all of those excluded circuits are 30+ amps.