Installing solar in preparation for PowerWall2

Installing solar in preparation for PowerWall2

I ordered two Powerwall 2’s, but I’m expecting a long wait before they do installs in Idaho. If I want to install solar sooner are there any best practices on the type of inverter to use, the wiring, etc? I’m guessing I would have to have redundant gateways if I retrofit the Powerwall in later.

Famman49 | October 12, 2017

My recommendation would be to use SunPower panels with integrated inverters. Each panel has its own inverter, so the system is easy to expand. Also from what I've seen, SunPower stands behind their product, and they are highly efficient panels. I'm retrofitting two Powerwall 2's myself, but they won't be installed for a couple of months. I'm also interested in how the gateway's interact.

eml2 | October 17, 2017

When I signed the contract with a local installer for both PV panels and 2 Powerwall2, Powerwall2 was not available at that time. Instead of waiting for Powerwal2l, my installer put up the PV panels and inverter first back in July. I am using Panasonic HIT N330 panels and SolarEdge inverter with optimizers. Two months later, the installer added the Powerwall2 and the Backup Gateway. Nothing was changed regarding the solar part when adding the Powerwall. I have 2 Powerwall and doing the whole house backup.

rainbowchildren... | October 17, 2017

i have had 2 powerwalls for over 4 months now and they still cant get things working correctly, not only that they have changed the story on how these things work from pre-installation to now and are still changing the narrative!
if you really want this TOY, make sure you get everything in writing (how your system will charge and discharge on different modes)
Another thing i dont like is how the want to control your system, we should be able to use it the way we want to and they should just monitor and repair. Instead they are controlling everything from how you charge and discharge and even the percentage of how much battery they will use.
i will keep you posted on changes but for now my system discharges on back up mode and they changed the setting from last week that i cant even fully charge my batteries now....

roodtuodave | October 18, 2017

Sunflower has panels up to around 350W/panel. If you are installing in an location with a small area for your panels and you expect to use a lot of power, getting more efficient panels will maximise your production. Also, Sun powers 25 year warranty doesn't just cover the panel... they cover removal, shipping, testing and reinstallation. Check other manufacturers. You will see their 25 year warranties don't provide all is there services under warranty. Great product and very durable. Also, with microinverters and their new cells shadowing and the like will not reduce your power production nearly as much as some of the older tech.
As u may have guessed, I have Sun power panels. 11kw here in sunny michigan. In the middle of summer I peak at just over 80kWh of daily production. Love these panels. Check out the X series.

sashton | October 18, 2017

I am unconvinced of the benefit of optimisers unless you have a partial shading issue. Regarding the panels themselves I have always gone back to (Sanyo)Panasonic HIT although LG has produced some impressive units. The only panels I have actually been disappointed with are a couple of strings of Canadian which really didn't make up for their discounted price. If your main concern is reliability then look deeply into your inverter choice. That is by far the most unreliable component in your system, certainly until batteries came along!

dshira | December 17, 2017

eleung1 ....where are you located? You say your installer used Solaredge inverter and when you added PW2's nothing changed. Curious exactly which model of solaredge inverter your installer used? Could you please provide me contact information for your installer?

fk | December 18, 2017

Best location is close to the solar panel inverter, utility / generator breaker box. Ideally there would be room to add a few conduits and two additional wall mounted boxes. The PowerWall is flat and heavy so you need a strong wall and strong arms to hang it.