Instrument Panel Warning - Yellow Triangle

Instrument Panel Warning - Yellow Triangle

2016 MS60 AP1

On two occasions I have had a yellow triangle with an explanation point on the lower right side of my instrument panel at power up. It appears just below the Energy Graph that I have selected on the right side of the panel and above the gear select. The Warning only stays up for a few seconds and I don't notice any issues. I have checked the owners manual and don't see the symbol listed in the cluster indicat section....any ideas?

burdogg | November 29, 2016

My recollection it is to warn you that regeneration is limited (due to cold battery or you are at 100% charge) - do you also have yellow dotted lines up the side of your regen?

bishoppeak | November 29, 2016

Could it be alerting you to look at the touch screen for more info?

Tropopause | November 29, 2016

I see it occasionally on my S85 at start-up. If you look quickly it has to do with limiting power out, or limiting regeneration. It goes away before it can even determine anything. As the weather gets colder you might notice it coming on for longer periods of time. This is described in the owners manual under the energy app.

stevenm1419 | November 29, 2016

live in So Cal, it did get down to 35 last night (garage parked) and battery was only at 65% - didn't notice any dash lines on regen. Nothing else on Touch screen

jordanrichard | November 29, 2016

It has nothing to do with regen. Re-gen limitation is denoted by a yellow dotted line.

txakoli | November 29, 2016

I get a similar warning when I mistakenly step on the go and brake pedals simultaneously. I'm a bit clumsy. :(

jamtoday | November 29, 2016

As far as I can tell it has to do with regen limit due to cold. I only get it briefly on start-up and always when the yellow dotted line is showing.

burdogg | November 29, 2016

Jordan - for me it has been with the limited regen - you do get the yellow dots, but this shows up first and when I looked it up it referenced limited regen. It is like the warning so you pay attention right at first so you don't expect the car to slow way down, and instead roll further then you were expecting. (ie catch your attention, whereas sometimes just the doted line doesn't)

burdogg | November 29, 2016

But I am no expert and can't find a thing in the manual in relation to this icon on (other than on the big touchscreen but this is not that)

SomeJoe7777 | November 29, 2016

The yellow triangle icon was added in software v7.0.

In software 6.2 and prior, the power meter was always on in the center of the dash. Limitations in regen (due to cold or near 100% charge) and/or limitations in power output (due to cold, heat, or low state of charge) were easily shown to the driver with a dashed yellow line.

With software 7.0 and above, the power meter may not be on the dash at all, because it's a user configurable option now. To warn the driver that a power limit has CHANGED, the power meter will briefly appear on the dash, replacing one of the user-selected apps, with a yellow triangle. If the yellow triangle is at the lower right of the power meter, the regen limit has changed. If the yellow triangle is at the upper left of the power meter, the power output limit has changed. The power meter and triangle will appear for 5-7 seconds to let you know that the power limit has changed, then it will disappear and your previously-selected app will return to the instrument cluster.

The actual limit is shown by a dashed yellow line on the power meter. You will not be able to let the car use the area covered by the dashed yellow line until the item that is limiting power (battery temperature or battery state of charge) is corrected. If you miss the dashed yellow line when the power meter briefly appeared, you can just select the power meter to show on the dash (press and hold the center of the scroll wheels on the steering wheel and then roll them to select "Energy").

If you already have the power meter displayed on the dash, the yellow warning triangle will still appear for 5-7 seconds when the power limit changes, but the power meter itself will not disappear.

As the weather gets colder, more people will see limited regen in the mornings when the battery is cold-soaked. As the battery warms up from recycled motor heat and the battery heater, the regen limit will go away. If you didn't see the limit in the first place when you started driving on a cold morning, the first time you see the warning triangle might be the alert that the limit has changed back to normal, thus you won't see a dashed yellow line on the power meter.

Haggy | November 29, 2016

I can't find anything definitive in the manual aside from a mention of the alert icon appearing in that general area of the dashboard, and if it appears, pressing the alert icon on the top most area of the touch screen.

I've had it happen to me recently and I don't live in a cold climate. There were no corresponding yellow dashed curved lines. I've had the car for years, but it was recently that this symbol popped up and I thought to myself that if I don't know what it means, chances are it's not clear to most drivers. There should be a corresponding pop up on the touch screen if Tesla wants to do this. If I have seen it before, it would have been in conjunction with the dashed curves and I wouldn't have given it any thought. But recently it popped up with no context when I was moving 2 mph on a slightly cool day.

p.c.mcavoy | November 29, 2016

My experience is similar to what several others have commented. I see the yellow triangle/! symbol for a few seconds at initial start-up when I see the yellow dash line on the energy display indicating a reduced level of regen braking. This has been frequent lately as locally temperatures have been running 40-50F. I even tend to see this first thing in the morning with vehicle parked in my garage where ambient is tending to run in upper 50's after it's soaked overnight (I charge my MS 90D to 80% typically). I don't know the exact temp at which battery pack starts to see some limits on regen braking, or whether it's a combination of temp and SOC, but somewhere in the upper 50's and SOC ~80% is a frequent combination where I see this.

I do not recall seeing this for anything other than when I've had reduced regen braking shown on the energy display.

mbp11 | November 10, 2018

Thanks for posting this- I have seen this now several times on my 2018 Model X, it has been cold but not that cold in the San Francisco Bay Area. I charged my battery up to 99% for a long trip I am taking today and several times the warning exclamation light came on with a dotted line under the energy expenditure app, and stayed there for 20-30 seconds then went away. It is not documented anywhere but I think it was telling me that because the battery was completely filled, regeneration was limited- It was associated by a dotted line around the curve of the lower half of the energy app.

Mike P