Looking to get insurance on my new S+ ... any happiness stories to share?

Chuck Lusin | July 3, 2013

AAA Sucks, would not insure the S after they said they would. We switched to Geico. Still waiting on the money that AAA owes us for canceling 6 weeks ago. | July 3, 2013

USAA was pretty painless - quoted me approx an extra $200 per six months. Any increases will be dwarfed in a couple of months when I add my 16 yo to the policy.


Vicelike | July 3, 2013

Just got a quote from Wawanesa Insurance ( San Diego )

100/300 $500 deductible uninsured motorist

$638 per year....

I suspect that I can't beat that offer....or can I???

kathigogreen | July 3, 2013

AAA would not insure my Model S when I checked before I got the car they said it was too expensive a car. State Farm would and was the cheapest I found. When I was taking delivery I called AAA and they are now insuring Teslas and were less expensive than State Farm.

ORWA | July 3, 2013

GEICO offers very good rates on the Tesla.

JohnnyMac | July 3, 2013

USAA rates were virtually identical to my 3 yr old e350.

JPPTM | July 3, 2013

Odd...CSAA (AAA) insured my Model S without hesitation. FWIW I have been with them for over 20 years. My rate is actually no more $$ than my 5 year old Lexus GS450h, and it beat USAA by 10%.

mikefa | July 7, 2013, you got 100/300 $500 deductible uninsured motorist for ONLY $638 per year??... you must have a squeaky clean driving record with no speeding tickets!... BUT no for long now that you drive a Model S!

ChasF | July 7, 2013

I found my best rate with Geico. $1450 per year for two cars: 2009 Nissan Altima, and the Tesla (MS 60). I'm guessing the Tesla makes up about $900 of that.

michael1800 | July 7, 2013

$638 per year with those coverage levels/deductible in CA? No, I don't think you'll find better. Seems so low it's an error of some kind to be honest (6 mo term or maybe someone fat-fingered the car make/model). With a completely clean record, long driving history, excellent credit rating and no history of claims, I paid $600 per 6 months in CA with a $1000 deductible. Hope you took the offer and it was accurate.

thegreatzambini | July 7, 2013

I managed to get an excellent deal with Travelers (I already have a Camry and home insurance through them) and squeaked out with a $441/yr increase by adding the Model S in TN. That's about $800/yr less than anyone else I checked (State Farm, GEICO, Progressive).

Brian H | July 7, 2013

Even within the same company in the same locale, seems like the actuaries are "winging it".

Vicelike | July 7, 2013

Thanks for the feed back all. Much appreciated.

Wawanesa has a reputation for being much more reasonable than the nationals.... I have been with them since 1987. They do no marketing that I have ever seen and are pretty selective on who they insure. I am going with their offer no doubt!

Its an annual - no errors. I earn a multi-car; good driver; Persistency Discount.