Insurance for pickup

Insurance for pickup

I'm not from Tesla core market country so will have to pick up my car from Tilburg or organize that it gets delivered to me. I could take the option of getting it delivered, but I'd miss out then on being able to do a check on the car before accepting it and having something pop up that might need service and as there is no service center in my home country I'd have to travel abroad again for it. So I'd really like to pick it up and then take it on a long journey home.

However the big thing is that the local insurers here only give insurance for cars that have estonian license plates. That however is a chicken and egg problem then as I need the car here before I can go and pick it up. So now that I've read a few stories of people taking the roadtrip from Tilburg to their home, how did you manage insurance? I guess you got temporary license plates form Netherlands and then drove home to register the car etc, but what of the insurance?

Alex K | September 17, 2013

I know when US citizens do a European car delivery, the car company provides temporary registration and European insurance so they can drive on the continent. You should be able to get similar insurance. Maybe placing a call to Tesla in Tilburg would resolve this? At worst case, you can call a company like BMW, Mercedes or Porsche and tell them you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle for "European delivery" and ask them how the registration and insurance works.