Interesting news for those waiting for Weathertech FloorLiner mats for Model 3

Interesting news for those waiting for Weathertech FloorLiner mats for Model 3

Just got my trunk and frunk mats from the Tesla web store and confirmed my suspicions: they’re supplied by Weathertech (a shipping sticker reveals who originally sent the mats to Tesla by noting “Supplier: MacNeil Automotive Products Ltd Weathertech”). Tesla is literally reshipping the mats in the same the boxes they came in from Weathertech who is supplying the mats to them.

This explains the Model 3’s absence from Weathertech’s usually ahead of the game product release for new cars, and maybe why they’ve been dodgy about answering when they’d have them available for the new Tesla Model 3 like they do for S and X already.

Don’t know what this means for timing of the rest of the Weathertech FloorLiner style mats for the interior foot wells, but don’t be surprised if the ones “coming soon” on Tesla’s store end up also being Weathertech, meaning they also likely won’t be available directly from Weathertech just like the trunk and frunk ones aren’t currently (what IS interesting though is you CAN buy a Model 3 frunk mat directly from Weathertech’s account on eBay, despite them not being listed on the company’s website; doesn’t appear there’s any cost savings, though)

lilbean | July 9, 2018

The Tesla mats have been made by weather tech for a long time.

sroh | July 9, 2018

Yep, it's generally known that's the case. I have one set of each of the frunk/trunk liners. I ordered my first set from WeatherTech as Tesla was out of stock. I fully expect Tesla floor mats will be OEMed from WeatherTech.

I ordered the Kagu 3D floor mats and expect to get my first set by the end of the month. Reviews look good. You might want to take a look. On Amazon as well as Parts Catalog.

maintreqd | July 9, 2018

Well shoot. Now I feel foolish. Still, it's frustrating that neither Tesla nor Weathertech have the mats available. I did scoop up a set of the Kagu MaxPider 3D on ebay (I think from Parts Catalog, but thanks @sroh!); they look great and I'm happy with the deal I got, but I've always been a big fan of the Weathertechs and since I knew what I'd be getting with them I was hoping to buy from them again. When I look closer at the overhead image of Model 3 in the "mat installation instructions" pamphlet these mats came with (no idea why mats need instructions, but anyway) I can see Weathertech mats throughout the car.

Oh well. I hope the Kagus are as good as they look!

bill | July 9, 2018

How does the Weatherteck trunk mat handle the well?

lilbean | July 9, 2018

@maintreqd I know. It took a year for the X mats to come out.

@bill I love the trunk mat. I've had water bottles spill and the mat captured all the water. The mats fit perfectly.

kaffine | July 9, 2018


If you are talking about the space on the left side it is open the mat doesn't cover it.

sroh | July 9, 2018

Good to hear you like the Kagu mats. I'm excited to receive mine. We'll see whether I order a second set or wait for the WeatherTehc/Tesla ones to be made available.

And if you are asking about the extra space under the carpet, the mat fits over it. You have to pull up the entire side of the mat to get access to the space underneath, but the mat is pliant enough to make it pretty easy.

jamey.winchester | July 9, 2018

Are there no Kagu mats for the trunk/frunk?

kmazzone | July 9, 2018

I saw a bundle on Amazon for $199 where they had frunk, trunk, lower trunk, front, passenger, and a rear mat. They are ToughPRO and I've never heard of them. Anyone have any experience?

With Prime Day coming up, we might be able to get a deal on these?

jamey.winchester | July 10, 2018

Hoping for a good Prime Day. I've had those ToughPRO mats in my cart for a few days now but don't know anyone with experience on them.

hpn | July 10, 2018

i have the ToughPRO...good product...fits nice no issues here.

kelleysclark | October 21, 2018

The Tesla Model 3 floor mats are available for order from Tesla now. I hope the are as nice as the trunk and frunk mats.

RES IPSA | October 21, 2018

@kelley... They are nice, functional, and fit perfectly. I got mine a few days ago and I am very happy with them. But they do not go up the sides like others do. But I do not need that much coverage. And they are cheaper than others with free fast shipping