Interior Improvements....PLEASE

Interior Improvements....PLEASE

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the car. I plan to buy one, and the ONLY thing that has held me back is the LACK of a complete design in the interior. Sounds goofy, but you know, my WIFE plans to come along on drives. First thing she said when I got her into the car at Santana Row was....where does my box of Kleenex go? Then she looked in the glove box, and sunglasses case won't fit in there.

There are no "kangaroo pouches" on the backs of the driver and passenger seats for those sitting in the back, no pockets in the doors, and no drink holders in the back seats. There is no option for info-tainment in the headrests for those in the back...guess they have to look through the gap between the seats to see the 17" display.

There is no console storage, although when I pointed that out to the enthusiastic sales guy, he said...there is an aftermarket company who makes a console....really?

No rear seat climate controls....

Please let me know you will address these for 2014, and I WILL buy one. But, you have to realize people will USE this car, and they need to store their stuff, and they WILL bring along their wives...

Love you guys..

Salman | March 8, 2013

@ylyubarsky, since you asked for others' opinions, my previous car was a BMW, my wife drives an MB, and I think the interior quality of the MS is on par with those.

Darmok | March 8, 2013

Maybe I'm being dense, but the S550 base price is $35k over the S base price, before the tax credit. A fully loaded S550 would be more than that over a fully loaded S. Is it a fair comparison? When I bought the S I didn't expect to get finishes that would be in a car costing 50% more. If the question is whether the S interior is the best interior of any car regardless of price, I presume the answer is No. I am quite pleased with what I got for the price I paid.

Mel. | March 8, 2013

Ylyubarsky, are you really nickniketown ?

ylyubarsky | March 8, 2013

I am not. I am just trying to be honest.

Electron | March 8, 2013

Arguing about somewhat subjective assessments of quality is pretty silly.
Some people like the car's interior design and materials (I am one), some don't.
To each their own.

ylyubarsky | March 8, 2013

Beepbeep. Thanks for the video. That's exactly what I am talking about. I love the car, but let's be honest. Interior wise, all these plastic pieces all over the car here and there make the car look cheap inside. I don't believe that it costs so much money to make the interior as good as S Class Mercedes. When you spend $ 108,000 like I did, I would rather spend another $ 10,000 and sit inside S Class with all great features that Model S has. Again, it's my personal opinion. I hope to have more owners and future owners on my side.

ylyubarsky | March 8, 2013

Electron - I have no problems with design and even lack of center console or cup holders. But quality is a different story. Let's be honest.

Electron | March 8, 2013

Sorry ylyubarsky, we will have to disagree.

Electron | March 8, 2013

Also, beepbeep is nnt.

Darmok | March 8, 2013

Hopefully there will be more options available in the future for those who crave more. I paid significantly less for my S that you did for yours, yet we certainly have very similar interiors. At our relative price points I'm happy and you're disappointed, but neither of our opinions is wrong.

Electron | March 8, 2013

Ylyubasky, no that's obviously not fair, but in this case I am right. | March 8, 2013

@Electron +1 Very pleased with the interior quality & design. Much different than previous cars I have owned (BMW, Lexus, Volvo etc.). Much better in form & function.

bradslee | March 8, 2013

Views on the MS interior are purely subjective. Some owners criticize it being cheap, I think they mean less luxury look and feel. Others praise it being stark and minimalist aesthetics. There is no objective right or wrong. Perhaps the real value of the continued discussion at this thread is to enlighten TM in the future to make Tesla cars even better. However, I am truly enjoying my MS. No complaints, period.

rloehler | March 8, 2013

Our other cars are a Lexus sedan and a Mercedes SUV and I notice no differences in the interior fit and finish within my Model S. I drove an SC430 for 8 years (once considered the flagship of the Lexus line) and feel perfectly comfortable with the Tesla Model S trim. Enough of these instigators! I'm moving all of my future posts to private owners only threads.

sq1mike | March 8, 2013

My wife and I both love the interior. She loves the lack of center console. There's room for her bag, and a box of tissues. The cubby below the screen holds the lip balm, hand lotion and sanitizer etc. The lack of the pockets behind the seats is another plus for us. Now no one can stick left over food and crap in the car. It's fantastic!

prytog | March 8, 2013

Handles would really help my 90 year old dad and 92 year old father-in-law get in and out.

Brian H | March 8, 2013

Chinese plastic? I think not. TM has its own plastic stamping facility in-house, specifically to make sure they didn't have to buy Chinese.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 9, 2013

ylyubarsky is nnt. Obvious from the "accent." Viruses multiply... Start flagging....

Mark E | March 9, 2013

ylyubarsky | MARCH 9, 2013

"I don't believe that it costs so much money to make the interior as good as S Class Mercedes. When you spend $ 108,000 like I did, I would rather spend another $ 10,000 and sit inside S Class with all great features that Model S has. "

Two comments.

1. I don't believe that you are comparing cars in the same price bracket. Why not compare it to a Pagani Zonda? I'd like to see the S class that you are talking about.
2. Im sure that if you took your Model S to an automotive trimmer with $10k they could upgrade the interior for you.

As a reservation holder, and with you as an owner, can we have a conversation in one of the private threads? You sound a lot like nickniketown and I don't feed trolls. This is my last public response to you on the forum until we touch base on a private thread. If you do, I will happily withdraw the comparison, but right now you seem to being a little off base with your comparisons.

Mark E | March 9, 2013

Thanks for the private post - I guess that we will have to agree to disagree on some of this.

Not all comments need to be positive, but I think they should be fair. The interior quality that I'd expect would be on par with a $100k car, but not a $150k+ one.

I would expect it to be durable though, and that we don't know yet, as the car is so new.

I'd mistakenly assumed you were nnt as it seemed like your argument was that you'd rather not buy the car until the interior was fixed, but that you already had the car. Nnt was a master at things like that.

Happy to have a discussion on the topic as I'm a long was from being able to see a production version of the car as I'm in Australia. The beta that I saw last year looked quite good though - especially for a prototype. The material quality didn't seem too far from my wife's BMW, or my Porsche.

Dave-LasVegas | March 9, 2013

I've had my Model S for about 2½ months now. At first I found myself wishing for more cubbies and pockets and so on, but the "minimalist" interior is definitely growing on me now.

I picked up a hobby store nylon tote bag that fits in the channel between the front seats and it's fine for all the little bits of bric-à-brac (sunglasses, registration, etc.) that I need to carry from time to time. It even looks like it came with the car.

That said: some cup-holders for the rear passengers would be nice. If a rear-seat passenger has a spill, he's gonna be walkin' in future!

petero | March 9, 2013

I love our “S”- Just the way it is! In the beginning of my Tesla journey (2.5 years ago) I complained about the lack of certain features such as storage. As I spent more time in the “S” I began to appreciate the philosophy and realized they were not trying recreate a 20th Century design.

In deference to this post, I sat in our 2009 Subaru Legacy, a typical ICE with traditional storage. I was shocked to see how much unnecessary stuff we had jammed into the center console, door pockets, behind the seats and glove box. Way too much ‘crap and clutter.’ I was appalled at the amount of trash that was safely ‘stored.’

I disagree with those who feel the ‘S’ interior is unfinished or hurried. I see the contemporary, minimalist interior as a departure into the 21st Century. Thank you Howard Roark! The ‘S’ is the way it is by design - careful, planned - intentional. I sat in a Porsche Panamera Turbo ($175K+). I found it claustrophobic and wondered if they could possible squeeze in another switch, dial, or gadget. Way tooooooo much … and this is only talking about the back seat area.

If TM used the same leather and wood vendors as MB, BMW, or Audi it would not seem as rich or as elegant. These elegant and traditional marques have a plethora of chrome, gauges, switches, clocks, etc. that creates a traditional ambience that Tesla does not aspire to.

Lastly, perhaps the phrase “we agree to disagree” is relevant on this forum and let it go at that. Obviously you (you know who you are) are not going to change your minds – so let it go. Tesla is Tesla… it is not MB or BMW.

Amped OC | March 9, 2013

petero: +1

hsadler | March 9, 2013

I would love to see Charging outlets on either side. Some charging stations are located on the sidewalk next to a designated parallel parking space. But the Tesla outlet is on the far side.

hsadler | March 9, 2013

Sorry, guess the above might be considered an exterior improvement. Just sayin'

dborn | March 9, 2013

Hsadler- agree. RHD, when and if it finally arrives may well need the charge point on the opposite side. Also for some home garage layouts, it may well be a shorter cable run for a power point to be established on the right hand side. Shorter run, less power loss.

ElenaK | March 10, 2013

I live everything in the car ( and I am a woman!) , except for visors- those are kind of weak IMO. I am not tall, so those visors really don't do much for me when the sun hits the eyes. Guess I will have to bring above mentioned sunglasses along.

ElenaK | March 10, 2013

That was "love" not "live" btw

Captain_Zap | March 10, 2013

Elon didn't like the visors either and word was that better sun visors will be on the way.

daddyfixit | September 29, 2013

First of all... I love this car. Period.

At this price point; however, the interior is missing the "Creature Comforts" I've come to expect from a premium luxury sedan. Tesla Motors compares/guarantees the Model-S's three year residual price to be comparable to that of a Mercedes.

Well interior refinements are no comparison to the Mercedes or my Lexus LS-460 for that matter. Leather quality, Seat cushions, Stitching, Cup holders, Use-able door pouches, Kangaroo pouches behind the front seats, Garment hooks in the back... the list goes on. Not to mention the wood grain is going the wrong way. A horizontal trim piece with vertical wood grain... What's with that?

Tesla, I love your power and simplicity. Yet my but has to sit in this seat for 90 minutes or more per day. There are some refinements that luxury sedan owners have come to expect and that bar is set pretty high by the Germans, Japanese, and yes the Americans. As in all other areas of this car, Tesla can/should set the standard in these areas just as they have done in performance and exterior styling.


2050project | October 1, 2013

Best move is to vote on these improvements and submit priorities over at:

Great site, and, I've heard that Tesla designers check this for feedback too and may implement some (someday, maybe) for Model S and, hopefully (more likely), for Model X.

As for third party aftermarket products which are likely to come sooner - which are specific to Model S needs now, I'd submit requests/priorities here:

Things like kangaroo pouches and rear seat cup holders/USB ports are already slated according to their blog.