Internet browser capabilities

Internet browser capabilities

I was wondering which web standards the browser in the touchscreen supports. Specifically, does it support HTML5 or Flash? Thanks!

Michael23 | September 6, 2012

No. No videos on purpose while driving. Maybe later an update with detection for in park.

Robert22 | September 6, 2012

I though Elon said they weren't going to prevent this functionality?

Volker.Berlin | September 7, 2012

I though Elon said they weren't going to prevent this functionality? (Robert22)

...unless/until they are forced to by legislation. Yes, that's what I remember, too.

At least as of now, web browsing while driving is not inhibited. Whether that's a good or a bad is another question:

"Without a co-driver to assist, the interactive screens and menus are too much to comprehend while driving. Well, almost. I browse the web and scan a story about the latest shooting, this one in New York’s Times. [...]"

webpicasso | September 7, 2012

Based on my test drive car, the Web Browser looks to be a webkit based browser which means HTML5 complaint.

The video looks to have been disabled and no Flash.

webpicasso | September 7, 2012

Edit > compliant

Teoatawki | September 7, 2012

I'm just fine without Flash in my car. Too hard to keep it secure, too easy to crash. And I don't want the word "crash" to ever be associated with any aspect of my car.

Whity Whiteman | September 7, 2012

but I want something the a VLC-Player!

Whity Whiteman | September 7, 2012

thanks apple for correcting my text!

Brian H | September 7, 2012

People who leave autocorrection turned on deserve what they get/send!


Michael23 | September 8, 2012

YouTube videos didn't work so if it's HTML 5 not sure why. I guess you can deactivate them specifically?

webpicasso | September 9, 2012

Yep, TM seems to have disabled the HTML 5 video tag in their browser ... Kind of sucks as this could limit functionality of some of the web apps I'm planning on developing once I get my Sig.

While I agree with not wanting Flash crashing my browser in the car, not having it will also add limitations and there are many websites that use Flash. I was planning on a video conferencing app similar to Skype, but that requires Flash so no go. :-(

webpicasso | September 9, 2012

Ahhhh, I just realized ... No Flash also means on Tetris on the 17" screen!

That sucks, I'm canceling my order ... NOT! ;-)

Ron5 | September 9, 2012

I tried during my test drive, and it didn't work :-(

These things should all be allowed, for the passengers' sake.

EdG | September 9, 2012

I bet either the ISP contract either precludes internet video or TM is trying to demonstrate to the ISP that the Model S won't be using very much bandwidth. TM is likely trying to gain a reasonable monthly internet connection price.

Ron5 | September 9, 2012

Trying to get a better data plan cost be crippling the browser is not a great idea. Remember that the infotainment system can also use WiFi.

Teoatawki | September 9, 2012

Yes, the browser can run on wifi. Maybe we should wait until someone has tried video over wifi before we panic.

Capt601 | September 9, 2012

I was hoping to,be able to connect to my slingbox in the car. Would be great to watch sports or a movie while driving ( mainly for the pax)

Robert22 | September 9, 2012

I'm sure you meant to say "exclusively" for the passenger while driving. For Tesla owners, safety is paramount when operating their vehicles which is why NHTSA allows them to utilize advanced Internet browsing features :)

kbekaert | September 10, 2012

If you really want video: Cut the cable from the backup camera an connect it to a DVD or Media player....