IOS for the car support?

IOS for the car support?

Anyone know if Tesla will support iOS in the car? Would be very nice on the touch screen!

ir | June 10, 2013

Tesla was conspicuously missing, here is an article with the supported car makers adding IFTC this year:

Maybe it needs WiFi and we're not getting it this year?

stsanford | June 10, 2013

That would be amazing...

My Brother-in-law's Debbie-downer comment when I told him I was getting a Model S was: "What about Siri and iPhone integration... I would hold off until you can airplay to the 17"... "

Obviously I didnt' wait...

Ltyore | June 10, 2013


briandhale1 | June 10, 2013

This would be a great feature!

dsecrist | June 10, 2013

According to this Information Week news post, Tesla is on the list.
"Car Integration

Apple showed off new integration between the iPhone and in-care infotainment systems. Beginning with 2014 model-year vehicles, iOS 7 will be able to fully connect with cars. Apple demonstrated how it would look to use iOS through a car's screen to make phone calls, play music or navigate via maps. At least a dozen car makers pledged support for the feature, including Chevy, Jaguar, Mercedes, Tesla, Ferrari and others. "

DTsea | June 10, 2013

Well you can already use the car's screen to make calls, play music or use contacts from you iphone via blue tooth, and you don't need the phone to navigate. I use blue tooth in my S and it works fine, I don't miss Ios support, really.

But I listen to books on tape so play/stop on the screen is fine for me.

quentinD31 | June 10, 2013

I'd rather QNX, but that may be just me.

SBK2010 | June 10, 2013

Interesting thing is most other car manufacturers can only add it to new models. Tesla should be able to do it to all Model S's with a software update. Seems like the hardware should support it.

bbmertz | June 11, 2013

I hope you're right, since it would be great to have this iOS functionality in my Model S!

bill_rinehart | June 13, 2013

SBK2010 - hoping what you say is true...does anyone know for sure? i have been searching this topic as i recently ordered a model S

AmpedRealtor | June 13, 2013

In order for iOS to work across a variety of car manufacturers, Apple will almost certainly have a hand in the hardware, screen size specifications, etc. Apple will not be porting iOS over to Linux or anything like that, and it will most certainly need to run on Apple's proprietary hardware. The reason Apple is pushing for iOS in the car is also because they are going to make royalties and hardware sales to the auto manufacturers. This is not going to work on a Tesla without modifying the hardware, that's a certainty.

ir | June 13, 2013

@AmpedRealtor: I would beg to differ. IFTC can be implemented via AirPlay with an input protocol to direct touch events back to iOS. It does not require iOS to be installed in the car, just the ability to decode H.264, WiFi and a bunch of software changes.

For example, Denon surround receivers support AirPlay, but I assure you they are not running iOS inside or using Apple CPUs, although they may include a DRM auth chip similar to what is inside the Lightening connector.

cloroxbb | June 13, 2013

iOS is software not hardware. I really don't see a point using it on the tesla but the other infotainment systems may benefit a bit. I hear nothing but bad things about Myford touch...

AmpedRealtor | June 13, 2013

@ ir, I hadn't thought of using the iOS on your device via AirPlay - that would be a neat way of doing it. I had envisioned that iOS was going to run on the car's hardware, in which case Apple would end up having a lot of control over the experience and the hardware on which it ran.

@ cloroxbb, iOS is software that won't run on any hardware other than that made by Apple. So you can look at it as a software/hardware combination because you can't take the software anywhere else.

SBK2010 | June 13, 2013

@AmpedRealtor, I have to agree with @ir; iOS for the car does not appear to involved installing iOS in a car; instead it involves allowing your iOS device to be controlled by a Cars screen or other controls. Should work something like Airplay. Seems like that should be doable via a software update.

ChasF | June 15, 2013

+1 SBK2010. My interpretation as well.

I'm a little surprised by the support from the listed car manufacturers as this would seem to transfer the profitability of some of their most expensive option (ex. Nav) to Apple. Maybe their bean counters have concluded the benefit from increased overall sales would offset the loss of profit from those options. Doesn't see logical to me, but I'm no bean counter.
Anyway, no complaints here! I didn't get the $3750 tech package so would love having a fully functional full-screen Nav repeated from my iphone.

ChasF | June 15, 2013

option = options
see = seem