iPad mount/holder for rear seat entertainment?

iPad mount/holder for rear seat entertainment?

Going on my first long trip with kids. I'd like to hang an iPad from one of the front seats to make a rear seat entertainment system
for them. (Something they have to look up at; looking down at an iPad leads to carsickness in my family.). The first few I found are only for use with adjustable headrests. Anyone find any that work well with the Model S? Thanks.

stimeygee | June 30, 2013


CalabasasKid | June 30, 2013

You're better off fastening something to the Pano a roof croos bar cover. Something that flips out of the way when not in use. When I get my MS I'm going to mount a flexible gooseneck to the floor that has a highly adjustable grab mechanism for all sizes of tablets.

marline | June 30, 2013

I bought an iPad headrest mount on , it perfectly fits my car and looks very nice, you can go and have a check, they sell a lot of tablet mounts for specific model.

nkohlimd | July 1, 2013

I used this one. Suctioned it to the center armrest. It has a magnetic cover for try ipad for easy on easy off. also installed a mounting disk in the rear footwell and have a second on installed in the rear for the jump seats. The jump seats have a small battery lowered bluetooth speaker attached by a Velcro strap in the rear footwell so now both rear seats and jump seats have separate entertainment systems. If I disable the Dolby, everyone has their own audio zone. I control the 2 iPad using an iPod touch attached by Velcro to the driver visor. Search iTunes for Movie Remote Kids. My kids are happy.

stimeygee | July 1, 2013

I think those are links to fans...?

cgiGuy | July 1, 2013

Someone suggested this on another post..

There's a larger version for the full size iPad. Might work well hanging from the pano or size window, but I'm not sure of the texture of the back of the seat would hold the seal.

nkohlimd | July 1, 2013
Darkwax | July 24, 2013
2050project | July 24, 2013

Apparently, it's in the works over at:

... there is a blog post discussing some rear seat storage and possible entertainment options on the site...

jamesrobertsjunior | August 26, 2013
stealth_mode | August 26, 2013

@jamesrobertsjunior: kidding... right?

jay.kropp | August 26, 2013

I like the one that nkohlimd mentioned. Works great for my kids sitting in the back. I connect the ipad through bluetooth to Tesla's speakers and they quietly enjoy it.

Brian H | August 27, 2013

The Magback must be on a metal (magnetic) surface.

201w77 | August 27, 2013

Since we have two kids in the back seat. I plan to purchase the "Gripdaddy v2ARM".. Reviews are superb but seems pricier than most. Anyone have any experience with this model?

2050project | August 29, 2013

Back of seat storage and entertainment/ipad attachment solutions built specifically for Model S rumored here:

pakile | April 6, 2014

I like the iMagnet solution, but the company has decided to stop manufacturing it b/c of lack of demand. If anyone has one they want to sell me, let me know.

Captain_Zap | April 6, 2014

Do they have car bingo for the iPad?

Darkwax | October 16, 2014

Looks like MagBak works well now that the have the "MagStick" concept. Check out what this guy did:

gyang76 | March 8, 2015

I bought this iPad holder a month ago. I mainly use it during my bed time. I did use it a few times on my moon roof for people on the back seats of my car. They liked it. It was steady and quiet. You may find more information here:

bejachb | March 8, 2015

For I-Pad Mini- a bit pricey.

ARGOS | March 9, 2015