iphone or android app to manage Tesla Model S ??

iphone or android app to manage Tesla Model S ??

Will the Tesla Model S incorporate a mobile app that communicates the cars stats? i.e. temp, battery remaining, distance that it can travel, map of near by destination points, locations of charging stations, etc.

The Nissan Leaf has this plus the ability to turn on features such as warming up the car, or cooling it via AC during the summer.

The Chevy Volt can be programmed to delay charging based on a set schedule or electricity rates; doing so can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone application.

Desai | January 3, 2013

@joepruitt: Thanks for the update!

olanmills | January 4, 2013

I need a WP7 app too, or at the very least a mobile web site with at least some key functioanlity (like remote climate).

WP has a small marketshare, but I'm willing to bet that the percentage of Model S customers in the Seattle area that have WP is significantly higher than the overall market (though that still might not be saying much).

Still Tesla, come on, it wouldn't be that hard! Or give us an API and let us do it!

bemrick | January 4, 2013


How is the beta version different from the original on Youtube?

joepruitt | January 4, 2013, not buy much. I gave a wavier I wouldn't discuss details but it's pretty close to the beta still. I think they've been working on performance of the APIs more than features. It's cool to show off, but I don't find myself using it very often.