Is it possible to make RWD into AWD?

Is it possible to make RWD into AWD?

Not sure if this has been discussed before but do any of you know if it's possible to make a RWD model an AWD dual motor model? Can I buy the 2nd motor and have it installed?

Thanks everyone!

JAD | December 23, 2019

It is possible for about $50,000. Not feasible as most of the front suspension is different before even getting into software, wiring, etc. Buy an AWD car if you need it.

lilbean | December 23, 2019


Sarah R | December 23, 2019

I suppose anything is possible in a car built like Lego's. Ours a master of how much time, money and energy you want to put into it. Better off trading the RWD for an AWD

andy.connor.e | December 23, 2019

You could not convert a RWD model 3 into an AWD for less money than buying an AWD, unless you did 100% of the labor yourself.

ElectricAlex | December 23, 2019

Service center tech was asked by me the following:

Is the front end the same on RWD and AWD? Yes.
So there is a big open space where front motor would go? Yes, big hole waiting for a motor.
Too bad we couldn’t use that empty space, can we? Not that I know, not sure why they didn’t give you a bonus storage space like on the Model S/X. (Not sure which one he said.

I suspect adding the motor would be less complex than is being suggested to you. What do you have to lose, call Tesla and ask.

If you do get an estimate, please report back here.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi | December 23, 2019

Dream on

stingray.don | December 23, 2019

Possible? Yes. Practical? No.

Sarah R | December 23, 2019

I'd rather have more battery in that big empty space

tung1900 | December 23, 2019

Not many LR AWD out there, so don’t convert yet, might become a hard to find item.

rob | December 23, 2019

Most cost effective way to convert is trade-in.

lbowroom | December 23, 2019

Even if you found all the hardware in a wrecking yard and installed it, I highly doubt Tesla would activate it for you.

EVRider | December 23, 2019

@ElectricAlex: Bonus storage space on the S/X? News to me.

lbowroom | December 23, 2019

X was never available with a single motor, was it?

andy.connor.e | December 24, 2019

Both S and X had AWD and RWD versions. Now they are both AWD only.

Lonestar10_1999 | December 24, 2019

Forget the extra motor for the front wheels. Trade in your M3 for a Cybertruck. Make sure it has three motors or you will have buyer’s remorse.

Frank99 | December 24, 2019

I can assure you that there is indeed a big hole under the Frunk where the front motor would reside. I would guess that if you found an AWD donor car with severe rear end damage, you'd be able to swap out the mechanical parts that are different. You may find, however, that the electrical harnesses are different; more importantly, you may find it difficult to convince the car that it is now an AWD. Conceptually you could swap out the computers with your donor car; but it's possible that the car would then think that it has the VIN of the donor car which would complicate your use of the car. There are underground Tesla hackers who might be able to help you; I don't know any personally.
Good luck.

andy.connor.e | December 24, 2019

i really want the tri-motor...

gmr6415 | December 25, 2019

It isn't practical, but for someone with the skills there are a lot of salvage Teslas out there now. Not that I would do it, but as someone who was a mechanic for over 20 years that's where I would start....find a salvage AWD.

There is somewhere in Orlando, FL that specializes in salvage and totaled Teslas. For some reason I can't find their web site right now, but I ran across it a few months ago and they had a lot of M3s. Many of them had very little visible damage for being an insurance totaled car...probably just because of the cost of repairs these days.

RayNLA | December 25, 2019
Mike UpNorth_ | December 25, 2019

I mean, why not go all out. Find a salvage RWD and put that motor up front. Now you have an AWD with 2 RWD motors. Talk about performance!

jordanrichard | December 25, 2019

Just a little history about the frunk space in the Model S’s. Originally, before there was a “D” (Oct 2014) all Model S’s had a huge frunk and even space that we call the “microwave”. this was space that actually went partially under the base of the windshield.

Then in Oct 2014 upon introducing the D, that “microwave area gave way to the additional motor and some of the regular frunk space. At the time they were still making cars with the original frunk space. Then when they came out with the “Bio-Defense” filtration system, they redesigned the frunk for all Model S’s and the frunk became one standard size regardless of it being a “D” or not. This I imagine was simply to save costs. Of course now all Model S’s come with dual motors.

snathla | December 25, 2019

Cheaper to get a new car

Varricks | December 27, 2019

Not only is it possible to convert to AWD, it is also possible to change FWD to an all-electric Bentley. By trading it in.

I'd guess the answer has sunk in by now.