Jump seats and performance

Jump seats and performance

Tried searching but couldn't find anything. Does the 7 seat option add much weight to the vehicle? I don't see the seats doing much, but how about the reinforced rear end? Anyone aware of impact to range, acceleration? Thanks

Mathew98 | May 25, 2014

No impact on range but it will get a second bumper reenforcement. The seats weight less than 50 pounds. I'm sure my spare tire weight more in the frunk.

KdotB | May 25, 2014

Thanks. It probably seems odd to be worrying about child safety seats AND 0-60 times....but I see it as a testament to a car that truly is designed for for everyone and for every purpose.

After the kiddies get dropped at day care, the seats go down, the music goes up, and daddy gets to play :) soon as the P85 arrives :S

Brian H | May 25, 2014


'weight' as a verb means add a load, or add to a load, or add bias in a math formula.

mbirnie51 | May 25, 2014

My P85 came with the seats ( I bought a "Test Drive" MS) and I recently removed them as I have little use for them. I logged 15k miles with them (they were useful to show folks just what an all-a-round automobile the MS is)and since their removal, there is no increase in performance or range that I can notice.

KdotB | May 25, 2014

I was more curious about the additional weight brought about by the reinforced bumper. Again, doubt I'll notice in my F1 sprints to the grocery store and back....just curious.

What was gained by having them removed? Any harm in just leaving them folded away?

ir | May 25, 2014

Removing them gives you extra storage. 3 adults + 1 tot on a road trip can fill trunk, under trunk and frunk with luggage and stuff!

KdotB | May 25, 2014

Sounds good. Just popped by the store (dealership?) and checked out the difference in storage. I am going to call Tesla on Tuesday and see if I can add the option. At first I thought it was silly since there is such a limited window of use, only to realize last night that my family fits perfectly in the window (3yr old and a 1yr old, plus a few grand parents sprinkled in for good measure).

Pungoteague_Dave | May 26, 2014

There is no added reinforcement in the rear of the car for the jump seats. All Model S have the inner extruded aluminum bumper and the outer steel bumper. This misconception continues to roll around the forum because some early cars (up to around VIN 10,000?) needed to have reinforcements added where the seats attach, but that is no longer true. All current deliveries are prepped and can add the jump seats later.