Jumper cables in the S?

Jumper cables in the S?

Just got home with my amazing S and I am transferring the contents from my gas guzzler to my S. In my emergency kit is a set of jumper cables. Do I need these? I know the S has a 12v battery but I'm not sure if it would ever need to be jumped if it died. Or are there terminals in my S to jump someone in need of help in an ICE?

nickjhowe | February 23, 2013

There are terminals behind the nose cone. Not sure whether that is to jump the S, or for you to jump someone else - the former, I think. See blow. The nose requires levering off (ideally with a plastic tool so as not to mark it) so it's not meant to be something you do on a regular basis.

The manual says that if the 12V battery is completely flattened, you'll need to 'jump' the car to start charging the main battery and recommends contacting TM if this happens.

The manual makes no mention of the 12V terminals behind the nose, even though I know they are there - I've seen them on my car.

jat | February 23, 2013

You won't need them, as @nikjhowe explains.

shop | February 23, 2013

I take it the 12v battery is neither user accessible or replaceable?

jat | February 23, 2013

@shop - it isn't easily accessible. I'm not sure where it is in the LEAF, but it isn't clearly visible, and in the car before that (a Camry Hybrid) it was in the trunk behind a removable panel, so this is the general trend of cars with big traction batteries and a 12V battery only for accessories and running the battery management system.

shs | February 23, 2013

All I know is that in my Highlander Hybrid if the fairly small 12V battery is flat, e.g. because the interior light were on for a few days, the car will not "start" even though the motive or traction battery has lots of juice. Very frustrating. I have had to jump the Highlander a number of times and replace the 12V battery at least twice. So if the manual says that one needs to jump the car if the 12V is flat, I would sure like to know how to do that.