June 20th Announcement

June 20th Announcement

Ran across this today (sorry if it's been posted before, but I can't seem to find a search capability on this forum):

Musk confirmed during the Annual Shareholder Meeting that Tesla would demonstrate a way to refuel a Tesla Model S far quicker than filling the tank on a gasoline car, making the 20-minute rapid charge offered by the supercharger look positively slow. “I mentioned that there would be an announcement on June 20... not an announcement... a demonstration,” said Musk. He was responding to a question about a recent tweet he made about rapid refueling.

He criticized large dealership business models, especially the way they make money from car servicing. “Our philosophy on service is to never make a profit on service,” Musk said. “I think it’s terrible to make a profit on service.”

Musk said we should expect a mid-cycle update, similar to the mid-cycle update common among the rest of the automotive industry. While Musk didn’t detail what the mid-cycle update would include, they traditionally include a few tweaks to body panels, improved interior, or other mildly updated specifications. A complete redesign of the Model S, Musk said, would happen in about six to seven years—a timeline not uncommon among mainstream automakers.

stangel | June 12, 2013