Just got shocked by the CA DMV renewal

Just got shocked by the CA DMV renewal

Just got my DMV renewal for my MS. Anyone else get a DMV registration renewal of >$700? Is this CA getting back for the carpool sticker?

skulleyb | October 26, 2013

Pretty sure you can get the 2500 back if you register the vehicle in the first year of ownership and pay California tax.

jeffsstuff | October 26, 2013

@skulleyb, thanks! I'll look into that. It would certainly make me feel a little better. | October 26, 2013

The CVRP rebate requires the initial vehicle registration to be done in CA.

Jeff, if I remember correctly from your initial thread, your wife is coming to CA in November or so. Why not have her take care of the paperwork and "take delivery" in CA so the pay the initial CA taxes (which you would pay anyway) but still qualify for the CVRP rebate, but then have Tesla ship the actual car to you in NJ. Would probably need to talk to your DS to see if Tesla will do that, but I don't see why not--its not going to cost them any more..


jeffsstuff | October 26, 2013

@omarsultan, I'm waiting to hear back from them on that. Since she is the one working, she has to be on the loan/title/registration. I will be out there visiting her more than she will be here so it would make sense. That would also save me having to pay to register the vehicle in two states. There really has to be an easier way (that doesn't involve my waiting longer for my new toy)!

ld | January 15, 2015

I just got the shock. I haven't budgeted for a $541 registration! The $2500 rebate is bullshit. They'll get all that the money back in less than 5 years.

daveelt | January 16, 2015

You should live in Nevada where they charge a government services tax on the MSRP of the vehicle. My registration was over $2k

danej | January 16, 2015

Isn't CA registration just scaled based upon the cost of the vehicle? Expensive car, expensive registration.

Haggy | January 16, 2015

Yes, and the fees were cut substantially. When Grey Davis was governor, the law was changed to lower the fees, with a provision that they needed to be reinstated under certain budgetary conditions. When he did that as required by law, it became one of the pillars of his recall campaign. Schwarzenegger pledged to lower it back down and ever since, California has had relatively low fees when you consider the price of the car and the cost of roads.

damonmath | January 16, 2015

The original fee at delivery for me was $642, why would I expect it to be much less next year? I'm in CA. My registration fees have always been high and I expect this. Did those that didn't expect high fees ever own an expensive vehicle before? I'm not shocked in the least.

AmpedRealtor | January 16, 2015

Move to Arizona where 5 year EV registration, regardless of purchase price, is under $250! :)

AmpedRealtor | January 16, 2015

Oh... and you automatically get HOV lane privileges with the EV plate. No need for fugly stickers.

Sam_S | January 16, 2015

Flip side is we pay no gas tax which supports the infrastructure we drive on.

That free ride won't last so enjoy it while you can and temper the whining.

AmpedRealtor | January 16, 2015

Gas taxes don't support any infrastructure in California, at least not by the poor condition of most roadways. The moment you cross over the border from AZ to CA, you start hitting potholes and drive over cracks and sunken pieces of freeway that look like they came out of an earthquake movie. California's roads are an embarrassment to the state. I lived most of my life there and that's one of the things I never understood. Why the hell can't California properly maintain its roads?

Sam_S | January 16, 2015

We do that purposely to keep you zonies out. ;)

carlk | January 16, 2015

Californians pay some of the highest vehical taxes in the nation. Californians buy the most Tesla. Isn't that an irony?

No there is no irony at all. It's just the theory that tax alone dictates economic activity is wrong. It's been proven over and over throughout the history over the world.

@Sam_S Not only that we keep them out we let them to feel happy about it too. Let's just keep it that way.

Brian H | January 16, 2015


vlad22 | January 16, 2015

@op wow!!! Alberta canada is about $100 per year not dependant on the value of the vehicle. Thats a pretty steep price to pay.

Haggy | January 16, 2015

Some states, such as NY, go by curb weight. So you still lose.

hpjtv | January 16, 2015

@vlad22 Canada does not have a "road tax", what are you talking about?

vlad22 | January 16, 2015

@hpjtv. I was referring to the cost of registering the vehicle. I was charged about 135 for 15 months of registration. Not sure about the road tax you're speaking of.

murphyS90D | January 17, 2015

The registration for my car for one year in PA was $36.00.

They got their money from the 6% sales tax.

garygid | January 17, 2015

8% or so sales tax in California, property tax, gas tax, income tax,
decaying infrastructure, not enough water, but plenty of traffic
and smog, and hardly any weather at all, ... so don't move here.

Haggy | January 17, 2015

California tax goes by specific county and/or city. There's a base rate for the state, but mine is over 10%. On the other hand, most of the cost of registration is tax deductible. That part is true only in states that have an ad valorem registration fee.

MinnesotaBlue | January 17, 2015

Minnesota has a ad valorem registration fee (+a few miscellaneous ticks that are a pittance compared to the value based fee). Reference: Stature 168.013: The annual The annual ad valorem tax is computed upon a percentage of the base value as follows: during the first year of vehicle life, upon 100 percent of the base value; for the second year, 90 percent of such value; for the third year, 80 percent of such value; for the fourth year, 70 percent of such value; for the fifth year, 60 percent of such value; for the sixth year, 50 percent of such value; for the seventh year, 40 percent of such value; for the eighth year, 30 percent of such value; for the ninth year, 20 percent of such value; for the tenth year, ten percent of such value; for the 11th and each succeeding year, the sum of $25.

Thankfully, the high tax rate is offset by only one benefit: the fee is tax deductible. And the pure joy of a Tesla!

Napoleonblownapart | January 17, 2015

Just paid $1100 to register our S85 for one more year in Colorado Springs, CO. | January 17, 2015

@Haggy- +1. As I recall, the bulk of the cost of registering a car in CA is personal property tax based on the assigned value of the vehicle which is deductible from Federal income tax. The newer and more expensive the car, the more the tax, the higher the total DMV fee. The actual registration fee is only $58.

motormansion | September 5, 2015

Tesla 90D - delivery Tuesday in Scottsdale, Friday the Fed-X docs arrived. Went to the Prescott DMV office. Took 30 minutes, with a clerk that never licensed a Tesla. No questions on cylinders, insurance... just a smooth process. Facts: 5.6% sales tax (Yavapai County, un-incorporated area). $149.01 5 yr plates, $8 registration, $4 title, and $8 special AF (alternative fuel) plate. That simple. Oh, insurance discount 10% off for electric. NO GAS:-)

avanti5010 | September 5, 2015

You can save money in AZ, if you want to live in a state with a bunch of crazies and crazier politicians , the worst school system in the USA, Shurf' Joe, rattlesnakes, scorpions, dust storms and 115 degree temps.
That's why I am getting out.

whartline | September 5, 2015

Well I live in La (not LA) - Louisiana and registration is .1% so my fee is around $100.0/yr. and we get $9,500 tax rebate when you purchase an 85d.
Couple good reasons to live in Louisiana.

teslcls | September 5, 2015

I think CA is going to add a mileage tax since we elex owners don't pay gas tax. No doubt they'll claim that's why roads are in poor condition, but it's just a BS line to push for more tax. A one party state legislature can get away with anything.

lolachampcar | September 6, 2015

is that more tax or simply applying existing taxes to a loopholed car?

sunnysailor | September 6, 2015


18 dollars per year to register EV in Illinois. We also have the bright blue waters of Lake Michigan with white sand beaches.

robert | September 10, 2015

Here in Michigan, paid $583 today for a year.

Blu Zap | September 10, 2015 +1
California vehicle registration is based on vehicle value. The first year renewal on my MS is $885

Haggy | September 11, 2015

I think CA is going to add a mileage tax since we elex owners don't pay gas tax.

That won't happen. They have no way of knowing how many of the miles were driven on California roads, and it would be hard for them to get accurate data about how much you drive.

It's more likely that they will add a fee to all registrations, if what the legislators were talking about a few weeks ago gains any traction.

If EVs become common enough that it's a real loss of revenue, they can raise the gas tax. The price of gas will fall when demand falls due to the popularity of EVs at that point, so gasoline will still be far cheaper than it is now.

In the long run, they will have to address it another way, which is why states such as NY go by curb weight rather than value. It shouldn't matter how much you paid for the car but how much you damage the roads. With a Tesla, you lose either way.