Just installed Echo Auto

Just installed Echo Auto

I bought ECHO-AUTO from Amazon” a couple of days ago. Installation was easy – just download the app and follow the instructions. Pairing with my phone an iPhone 6S+ was fast and the install app very user-friendly.
The first thing I tried was music. I’ve been fairly unhappy with Slacker, it’s catalog of songs, and it’s low quality. SO, the first thing I did was Say “Alexa: Play Pandora Dinner Music”. Alexa immediately responded and started the Pandora Jazz station. It was great! Even with my terrible hearing, (too much skeet shooting without ear protection), I could hear the difference.
The Echo-Auto is small in size and comes with a clip which should fit into the rear air vents. I won’t use that but will, most likely, double stick tape or Velcro it to the side of the console. With Alexa available the full repertoire of Echo commands are available. The Micro USB cable plugs right into one of the rear USB power ports. If I attach the unit to the side of the console, I probably get a shorter USB cord.

jstat10 | August 25, 2019

That sounds pretty great. Do you use Alexa in your home? I am not a fan of voice control, but it does seem like it would be handy when driving. Why not attach it to the rear vents?

syclone | August 25, 2019

@jstat10: Trying to make it as unobtrusive as possible. May end up doing it anyway. Right now it's just floating around the console area, mostly in the cup holder.

jebinc | August 25, 2019

@syclone - "Echo Auto" is by invitation only. You can request an invitation, but it takes months to get the actual invite. Given this, how did you "buy" it on Amazon yesterday? Did you get an invite? If so, when do you request an invite? I requested my invite on 7/16, and have not heard "boo" since. Please elaborate...

JustSaying | August 25, 2019

I just bought one, I had placed a reservation months ago .
Thankfully I got an email that said "Don't let your Echo Auto invitation expire" I didn't know I had gotten one!
Does anyone know why they are by invitation only? It doesn't look much more complicated than an Echo input?

jebinc | August 25, 2019

Seems like some have been waiting for invitations for nearly a year. Given I only requested one six weeks ago, I probably won’t see on from Amazon until next year - so, I just picked a brand new one up on eNay for $45.

CST | August 25, 2019

I think Slacker sounds pretty good - better than bluetooth streaming.

syclone | August 26, 2019

I received an invite about 2 months ago - At only $25.00, I said what heck, and ordered it. It sat around for a while and I finally got around to installing it only a few days ago.

wintherrx | August 26, 2019

Just put one in my wifes VW .... connected via Bluetooth and the aux jack. Which USB port do you use to connect the Echo Auto. Does music play through your M3 speakers when connected to Bluetooth minus aux.

bjrosen | August 26, 2019

What is this doing for you that your phone won't? I've been playing Pandora over Bluetooth from my Pixel 2XL running Android Auto. The phone responds to OK Google and I can select what I want to hear. Slacker has a pretty terrible interface, you can't rearrange the channels to put what you want on top. The classical channels are buried multiple levels down, I'd like to be able to delete all of the channels that I think are garbage and just put the ones that I want on a top level screen. The voice command does mostly work so that's the best way to select something on Slacker. They are adding Spotify, I've never used it but I hope it's better than Slacker. I'd really like to see them add Pandora but until then I can live with the Bluetooth connection between my phone and the car.

don | August 26, 2019

I put one in my car about a month ago but have rarely used it.

I use them at home all the time. Most of my lights are echo enabled as is my garage door and AC. I've also enabled the teslafi to Tesla app that allows me to inquire about stat of charge etc.

I find the Echo Auto seems to need the phone to be selected on my M3. If it's not it seems to ignore my "Alexa" prompt.

syclone | August 26, 2019

My phone is in my pocket 90% of the time I'm in the car. I've found that even if I'm in streaming mode, when I say "Alexa" and select a music option, the car switches to my phone and then responds, whether I say "Alexa; What time is it?", or select an Amazon or Pandora music channel. I have the full power of an Echo device available to me. By the way, I plugged the adapter into the rear A/C vent and it looks great. I think I'll keep it there.

jebinc | August 26, 2019

@syclone - Mine arrives on Wednesday. So, you decided to use the included vent mount? Pictures? How is the delay from the time you say "Alexa" to when it responds? Is it as quick as Echo's in the house? I just enabled my SiriusXM account to stream (no added cost) and tested that out on my home Echo devices. What I wonder is what is the bitrate to the Tesla stereo when using Amazon Music or XM streaming via Bluetooth... Anyone know? Will it sould better or worse than Tesla's built in Slacker? I have many questions... ;-)

bkushin | August 26, 2019

Someone stated above: “They are adding Spotify.” - I know this has been rumored forever - do we have info that it’s finally happening, and if so, when???

rfpmoxie | August 27, 2019

I am following this thread as this would be a neat practically no cost feature. As I don't like "klugey" things (and I'm kind of anal) I have some install questions. My 1st choice is to put it in the charger cubby and obviously running the cable is simple and clean. Will it operate with the cubby door closed? My second choice is on the rear of the armrest and plugging in to the rear outlet(s). A removable double sided tape or Velcro may work to secure it. Last question is does this draw power overnight and thus turning off would make sense. Thanks for the idea......….Ron

syclone | August 27, 2019

I'm not sure that Alexa would hear you if it was in the charging cubby. It seems to do quite well attached to the bracket plugged into the rear A/C vent. If I remember, I'll try to upload a shot of the Echo-Auto in place.

jebinc | August 27, 2019

@syclone Photo would help.

jebinc | August 28, 2019

Just completed the installation of my Echo Auto. Pictures can see seen here -

ElectricAlex | August 28, 2019

I am confused, what does auto provide that the app on phone does not?

syclone | August 29, 2019

@ElectricAlex: it provides totally touch free voice control In the Amazon Echo "universe".

Taffy | August 29, 2019

Are you able to plug a Micro USB plug into a front USB port? If so, how do you do it?

jebinc | August 29, 2019

@taffy - Yes, using a splitter or usb hub.

rfpmoxie | August 29, 2019

Hello and thanks for the pictures and updates. As we all have our quirks I am hoping that someone can tell me if this will still work with the cubby door closed. Also, can I leave it switched on and "plugged in" overnight or does this drain power? As always thanks for my model 3 education!

jebinc | August 29, 2019

@rfpmoxie - Since the earlier post yesterday, I found a better location for the Echo Auto - Up front and personal.
On TMC, folks have reported the device works fine with the cubby closed. The unit turns off when the Tesla sleeps - cutting power off to the USB ports

rfpmoxie | August 29, 2019

Thanks jebinc foe the quick and good for me answer!!

jebinc | August 29, 2019

@rfpmoxie - Tour welcome! :-)

nnguyen72 | August 30, 2019

@jebinc Thanks for all the info. Mine is arriving in a few days and really interested in seeing how useful it is. We use the Echo in our home quite often to listen to music and turn on and off lights.

I think I will probably use velcro to stick it to the driver's side console near your right leg. That way it's visible, but out of the way. My four year old son will love it, he's always asking Alexa to play him songs.

jebinc | August 30, 2019

@nnguyen72 - If you're already an Echo family, you'll over Auto - You'll be able to now control everything in your home from your car! I recently installed a Alexa capable Wi-Fi switch for my garage ceiling lights. This will work well as I can turn them on as I approach the home. Since we have a large multi-bay garage, the garage door opener light is not good enough to safely light the path to the door leading into the house. I don't you if you read down a few posts (in the original link I provided), but I relocated my Auto up front in a perfect location (check out the photos, if you haven't already. Please post your thoughts on Auto, after you get yours installed.

jebinc | August 30, 2019

^^^ should have proof read before hitting save.... You'll get the basic idea...

Chutieu | September 2, 2019

I used the passenger side of the Taptes wireless charger to power the echo auto via Qi wireless receiver.

jebinc | September 2, 2019

@Chutieu - What’s that orange wire to the right all about???

Chutieu | September 2, 2019

That is the usb hub wire going to the cigarette connector

Chutieu | September 2, 2019

That is the usb hub wire going to the cigarette connector

nnguyen72 | September 2, 2019

Here's my setup. I purchased these from Amazon:

So that the USB cord wouldn't protrude into the backseat area too much since my 4 year old is back there often.
You can also hide the cord by pushing it up into the center console edge. I know the directions say to install it horizontally, but so far it works well in this vertical setup. Also my Echo only came with the air vent mount not the adhesive mount I've seen in some videos. I ended up prying off the magnetic part on the vent mount and putting some double sided tape on it.

Here's some pics:

nnguyen72 | September 2, 2019

Bonus pic:

I DIY'd vinyl wrap a few months back. It was quite the project, but decided that since I'm fairly handy and have time since I'm a freelance Graphic Designer I'd tackle the project. It saved me thousands of dollars! I Plasti-Dipped the wheels too

Xerogas | September 2, 2019

@syclone: just installed mine this weekend, and it’s already paying off. On my phone, iHeartRadio will pause and never restart once I exit the car (unless I laboriously re-open the app). Playing from Alexa, it always picks back up! AM radio station issues solved for me now.

brucect | September 5, 2019

Just installed it today. It's a great hack for not having SiriusXM in the Model 3. For those wondering why it is better than just using your phone, the answer is that you don't have to touch your phone or press any buttons. You can keep your eye on the road and your hands upon the wheel.

I realize everyone has different tastes in music but Slacker sucks IMO. It basically comes down to small library and poor algorithm. If you are locked into a particular genre or decade, then you will get every top 100 hit for that playlist. I have eclectic tastes and prefer to discover via Spotify or Sirius, and I find that Slacker provides very basic discovery and its song combinations often make little sense. If you choose an artist with a large and diverse catalog, like Bruce Springsteen, you are going to get classic rock hits from the 80s and 90s, despite the fact that he has a large catalog of traditional folk music and some modern pop. What does Supertramp have to do with Springsteen? Nothing, but they had top 100 albums during the same decade. Yawn.

MYWBear | September 19, 2019

I received my Echo Auto today, Just as an fyi, I was on the waiting list for almost a year before I received my invite to purchase.

Setup was straight forward. I plugged it into the center console cigarette lighter and then placed the Echo Auto in the center console tray. This seems to be the best place for it, in my opinion. It fits relatively snugly in the smaller compartment of the center console tray and it's close to the cigarette lighter so the Echo Auto cable and the Echo Auto unit are both hidden under the arm rest.

Amazon included a magnetic Echo Auto Air Vent Mount with it and I've read some posts that say they were able to attach the included "clip" to the rear air vent. But, this "clip" must be different than the Echo Auto Air Vent mount that I received because the mount that I received definitely does not fit in either the front or back air vents of a Model 3. In any case, the center console seems to be best location for the Echo Auto anyway.

Functionally, it works well. Echo Auto provides a seamless method of using Alexa functionality in the car through my iPhone without the additional step of pushing the Alexa button every time I want to use it on the iPhone app while driving. So, if you like Alexa, this is a very cheap, no-brainer, must-have, accessory. Amazon even broke down the promotional $24.99 price of the Echo Auto and the Echo Auto Air Vent Mount so that the Echo Auto was $15.62 and the Air Vent Mount was $9.37. So, I guess could return the Air Vent Mount for a credit if I want to. But, I think I'll keep Air Vent Mount to use it in my truck.