Just picked up our X and got pop up need service message on the way home.. really?!

Just picked up our X and got pop up need service message on the way home.. really?!

We picked up our MX today at Fremont Delivery Center, and on our drive home there was this pop up "need service" message on the dashboard, so I kept driving it home until I backed up on our drive way and realized the tail light and back up light were all OFF!
So, I drove this brand new MX on freeway without tail light, nothing! The thought of having our kids in it the whole time scared the heck out of me.
Have any you guys had any experience with this?
Any tips on to turn the tail light on from the console?
The headlight and other light are working fine.


lilbean | December 29, 2018

I would try powering off the car for five minutes or do a scroll wheel reset at the very least.

dee6851 | December 29, 2018

@lilbean: Is that for the pop up message or for the tail light/back up/signal light as well?

dee6851 | December 29, 2018

So, I went out and restart the car still got the same need service pop up message and also found out the trunk won't open either manually, with fob or using the screen. What did we just bring home today that worth over $100k and already give us a headache?! Can't get any appointment until the next 2 weeks! I feel like I wan't to drive the car back tomorrow and just returned it all together!

den | December 29, 2018

Check out the return policy. You might still be able to return it.

Teslamodelx | December 29, 2018

I feel your pain, it must be very frustrating! I wonder how it passed the last quality control check list? They should give a Model X loaner right away and keep your car for the next 2 weeks or until you can figure out your options till then. Good luck.

lilbean | December 29, 2018

It’s for both.

lilbean | December 29, 2018

Don’t do anything hasty. Maybe the trunk latch just needs adjusting or replacement.

dee6851 | December 29, 2018

Thanks for your reply, everyone. It seemed like the rear part of my MX receives no power/electricity (blown fuse?! but how tho?!) - that makes sense since no light turns on whatsoever, trunk won't open. Nothing.
Yes, we're still within return policy but we were hoping to get delivery by 12/31/18 to take advantage of the rebates. Do you think it is possible because of the blown fuse? - just thinking when I tripped an outlet at home and the power went out for that circuit. Hope that makes sense.

lilbean | December 29, 2018

What do you mean you’re hoping to get delivery? I thought you already have the car. Why would you return a car with a blown fuse when it could be replaced?

dee6851 | December 29, 2018

@libean: sorry if it wasn't clear. Yes, I have picked up my MX today as I stated in my first posting. If I had to return it tomorrow, I will have to restart the purchasing process all over again and won't be able to get a delivery by 12/31/18. Hope that makes sense.
As for blown fuse, I'm not sure. That's just my prediction from the 'symptoms' that the MX shows so far - no electricity routed toward the end part. But, I know nothing about MX except driving it, Just my guesstimate.

lilbean | December 29, 2018

My advice is to bring it back and get a loaner while it is being fixed. This is a safety hazard. I don’t think there is any need to return the car and get a whole new one.

jjgunn | December 30, 2018

This is weird....touch the "T" at top center on your screen & dial the roadside service. Tell them exactly what happened. You just picked up your car & have safety issues with no rear lights. You should get priority & assistance quickly.

Good luck

dee6851 | December 30, 2018

@lilbean @jjgunn: thanks guys. Just called the roadside service and they'll tow my MX to the SC - closed today ;(
Hopefully got a priority when they're open tomorrow.
Now, that sun is out.. I found body misalignment issues mostly on the rear part (ironically). Creating a problem list and will email them before my 3 days expired.
Love Tesla but this is just painful.

lilbean | December 30, 2018

Oh good. :)

mrhits777 | December 30, 2018

I had the same problem. I was cruising down the 101, right in front of Moffet field, there is a bit of a dip in the highway. I recall hitting that bump and boom, i got the service light. I drove home at night not realizing that the whole back of my car did not work.: rear lights do not work, rear dome light do not work, trunk will not open, either by key fob or pressing the button. I called Tesla roadside assistance, they immediately sent a tow truck to pick up the vehicle at my home. Looking at the repair order, they had to replace the rear body control module and it took a few days to get my car back.

Pahadi DB | December 30, 2018

That is scary that a new MX won't work perfectly on day 1. Doesn't Tesla have an elaborate Outgoing Quality Procedure before releasing to customers? Can we ask them what kind of Quality Check and Test MX goes thru? We will be picking up tomorrow on 31st so can we start and drive around the block to verify that brake light, tail light, etc work before signing off on final papers? Good luck Dee.

ddolapsakis | December 31, 2018

It is (at least!) a sad day when your brand new high tech EV malfunctions on day1. However, I have to point out that in every product, when pressure mounts for deliveries, you are bound to get a lot more lemmons and quality will decrease. It is statistically inevitable. I understand the tax rebate issue, but the gamble is exactly that. It sounds, as the others above point out, that your issue is minor. Keep your MX and the tax advantages and just get the issue fixed. You will have forgotten about in a few weeks, once you start enjoying this engineering marvel, at no environmental CO2 cost.
Have a great year!

dee6851 | December 31, 2018

@mrhits777: thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds very similar to the issues I have - except I didn't even have to go through a dip or a bump on 880. MX now sitting in the line up at SC Sunnyvale longer than it actually sits at our home since we got it. I hope they can sort it out faster. Yeah.. I was promised to get it checked first thing in the am at this SC - nah, forget about that, since I didn't have an appointment! It's really frustrating!

@PahadiDB: yes, I hope our experience could help others to drive around the factory a bit before hitting the road. Hope your delivery process is smooth and you get your MX as promised. Congratulations on your MX.

@ddolapsakis: Thanks! Crossing my fingers for a minor issue and proper fix. I agree with the pressure to push thousands of vehicles out before New Year will compromise the QC - but again, should not release the vehicle if it's a safety issues. If it were paint job, body alignment then okay.. those could be addressed later without putting anyone's life in danger while driving the vehicle.

I will post the updates on what actually happened and how they resolve it.

DanFoster1 | December 31, 2018

I know it sucks when a new car (or a new anything) isn’t perfect but a little reality check: new or old, in between or anytime at all, anything can, and will break. Tesla will fix it, it will be fine.

jesus | January 1, 2019

Oh my DAD!

lilbean | January 1, 2019


dee6851 | January 1, 2019

As promised, here is the update:
SC Sunnyvale called me to pick up my MX six hours later saying there was some sort of communication failure. Everything worked as it should be before I drove off the SC. Rear lights all worked, trunk opened.. fast forward on our road trip this morning to SoCal, 5 hours in around 250 miles.. the MX has same problem, again! Pop up Needs service, trunk won't open, no functioning rear lights. For safety reason, we decided to spend the night where there is a Tesla dealership nearby with a service center. Will call a tow truck tomorrow am and send it over. Hoping they can permanently fix the problem. It feels like De Ja Vu. Yes, everything will eventually breaks, but not within hours of ownership, imho.

Vawlkus | January 2, 2019

Huh.....might be a grounding issue, or a wiring fault that’s causing the BCM to fry.