Just purchased 2010 roadster sport - how to charge

Just purchased 2010 roadster sport - how to charge

What an awesome car. WOW. I cannot believe everyone doesn't own a Tesla Roadster.
Now I'm trying to figure out the TS - 70 charger. I have a 30 amp outlet in my garage for an older Eagle 4 post lift that uses a 220 line. If I can find the right adapter, can I use this 30 amp/220 garage outlet and plug my TS-70 charger?

Earl and Nagin ... | January 9, 2019

You can certainly use the outlet, however, the TS-70 is a 70 amp charger. You'll need to limit your charging to only 24 amps (80% of 30 amps) though. There would be 2 ways to do this:
1) set the TS-70 to limit the current to 24 amps
2) set your Roadster to only charge at 24 amps
3) get a true 30 amp charging system.
My recollection of the TS-70 is that one cannot set it to 24 amps so, I suspect that option 1) may not be possible.
With option 2), you must be sure to set your Roadster to only charge at 24 amp via the Vehicle Display System (VDS).
This is a bit risky but can be done. You'll need to either wire the TS-70 to the same wires as currently go to your 220v outlet or get a 220v plug for the outlet and mount it to the TS-70.
Be sure that you go to the "charging" screen on your VDS and set it to 24 amps. The Roadster should remember to always use 24 amps whenever you are at home but you should probably verify or you could blow the breaker or, worse, start a fire.
Option 3, However, is my primary recommendation. You'll need to get a J-1772 to Tesla Roadster charger adapter or a Model S to Roadster adapter.. If one came with your car, you're in great shape. If not, you might want to look into getting "The Can", an after-market adapter at You'll then be able to purchase a standard 30 amp J-1772 or Model S charger. would be a good J-1772 candidate. would be a good Model S charger with the appropriate 220v plug.
Good luck

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CentralCal70 | January 15, 2020

Any actual updates on charging? Looking or the best adapter for the 2011 2.5. I would like to connect to a supercharger on the road.

gottmax | January 19, 2020

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