Just received the email to "Confirm Your Availability"

Just received the email to "Confirm Your Availability"

The email said:

Confirm Your Availability for Delivery in 2018

We're updating delivery timing. Please confirm your availability.
All customers are eligible for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit if they take delivery by the end of the year.

And there is a link below to select which dates are available, the selectable dates are from Dec 23 to Dec 31. I once received the text message said my model 3 would be ready between 12/20-12/31 and an auto assigned delivery date to 12/24 2pm. I started to feel this date no longer making sense.

shaddydog310 | December 14, 2018

Just got this as well. I got a little excited thinking my delivery was pushed up from the 27th.
But when I clicked on the link it just says to pick the dates you cannot make it. I also noticed it said the Delivery times range from 6am to midnight. That's going to be rough...

kenshintr | December 14, 2018

Got one as well, was excited for a moment. @Yifan_C, I have the same delivery date as you 12/24 at 2:00PM. I'm fine with that date, hopefully they don't push it back.

Teslanene | December 14, 2018

Where are you guys located?

Yifan_C | December 14, 2018

@kenshintr I'm fine with that date (and time) too. I really hope they won't push back the delivery date, nor do I want them to deliver at 6am...

@brown1978 bay area

David | December 14, 2018

Got it as well - current reservation 12/29@4pm. Austin, TX

kenshintr | December 14, 2018

Located in Sacramento. @Yifan_C, do you have a VIN yet? 10 more days, I'm literally checking my Tesla account every 10 minutes lol

suebeehoney | December 15, 2018

Anyone else having trouble opening the link on this email?? When I click on 'confirm availability' nothing loads. I've tried repeatedly and have the same issue.

Teslanene | December 17, 2018

Just got this email this morning.

ukhan24 | December 17, 2018

I got the email as well. When I click on it, it just loads account manage page. My delivery appointment has of changed. Is this a glitch?

Teslanene | December 17, 2018

Mine says to select the days I’m not available or select “I can pick it up anytime.” Im selecting not available the 30 and 31, Don’t want to be last minute.

Nexxus | January 9, 2019

Well, we're waiting...did you all get your new cars yet?