Keep the Momentum: Elon Predicted the Customer-Led Revolt

Keep the Momentum: Elon Predicted the Customer-Led Revolt

We had an incredible surge to exceed 100,000 votes in the whitehouse petition to allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states. This was a great success, but let's not let it end there. The White House is now required to respond to this petition, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything significant will come from it.

The issue: The national association of auto dealers (NADA) is leading a fight to block Tesla from selling directly to consumers. They are trying to use existing laws to prevent Tesla from selling to consumers. These laws were created to protect dealers from manufacturers, and DO NOT apply to Tesla since they do not own or operate any dealerships in any state. They are also trying to pass new laws in several states to specifically prevent Tesla from selling to consumers. These protectionist actions work against the ideas of free market capitalism, and are damaging to consumers. (This has been discussed on many threads, including: and

When asked about NADA's actions in the shareholder meeting (49:07 to 54:20 into video at, Elon said "the auto dealers are very strong and very influential at the state level among the legislators ... we're fighting the giant one's that have the big money to spend ... They're crowing about the fact that they were able to defeat us in Texas, and that they're making so much progress in NC and stopping us in VA. I think it's outrageous that [auto dealers associations] would crow about a perversion of democracy - that's just wrong. I think they're making a big mistake ... I think customers are going to lead a revolt on this front, because if I was in a customer's position I would be like, 'this organization [NADA] was so happy about being able to spend lots of money and pervert democracy in a bad direction, I would fight really hard to sell that company's product', and I think that is what's going to happen."

I completely agree with Elon, and I think he clearly lays out our next step. We need to continue to pressure lawmakers not to allow any bills that would block Tesla from selling directly to consumers in any state. Tesla will keep fighting, but the momentum needs to come from us customers and citizens.

If you signed the petition and recruited others, please consider taking the next step to make our voice heard. If you know of a state lawmaker who is sympathetic to NADA, please post their contact info here (phone numbers, e-mail, etc). If you have 5-15 minutes to spare, please call or write to one of these lawmakers (you do not need to be a resident of the state to call the state senators!). The petition surge proved that we are a powerful group. It may feel small, but any contact you can make with these lawmakers' offices will make a difference. It can be a very quick call or email - just make sure they hear the message that the voters want the right to buy cars directly from Tesla. When they hear it enough times from enough of us, the message will get through.

Some talking points:
- Tesla does not own or operate any dealerships or franchises in any state
- Tesla sells directly to consumers via the internet, and any attempt to block these sales would be a violation of free market capitalism
- More than 100,000 people signed a whitehouse petition to allow Tesla to sell directly to consumers in all 50 states
- Polls consistently show overwhelming public support for Tesla to sell directly to consumers (
- Please don't sign any bill that would block Tesla from selling directly to consumers!

Some other interesting reading material posted recently by others:
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- (I had several more in mind, but can't find them in the sea of threads on this site!)

If you can contribute any more info to aid in this fight, please add it here.
If you make contact with a legislators office, please post about it here.
If you make contact with any news outlets to raise awareness of this issue, please post about here.
Let's keep up the momentum, and lead the peoples' revolt against NADA!

Jamon | July 3, 2013

@Mel posted this last week:
I have one state senator in Massachusetts that is leading the charge against Tesla. Marc Pacheco tel numbers 508-822-3000 and 617-722-1551 A phone call would be appreciated.

Anybody up for calling Senator Pacheco? You don't have to be a Massachusetts resident to call him.

jonesxander | July 3, 2013

Yeah I mean, in my craziest dreams, Telsa could end up being the catalyst for radical political changes in the next few years. The straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.

This is showing everyone how stupid the political system has become, as well as mired in corruption/collusion. As I pointed out in another thread, how is it possible that something not be "legal" in one state, but is perfectly acceptable in another?

And now NY trying to ban registration of the S?

So add Tesla to the list of "movements" people are actively fighting for, or against.

Same sex marriage
Medical marijuana
Immigration reform


Wait, hold on a second. A frickin' car? Disclaimer: I won't state my opinion on the other subjects, and by including them here, I am neither advocating, nor condemning any of the above issues. End disclaimer.

But why is Tesla on this same list of hot topics? Am I missing something here? Model S doesn't have a tailpipe, but you would think that the biproduct is pure marijuana smoke or something by how some of these politicians are engineering towards a demise of Tesla. Poor futile politicians.

Isn't there something more important you could be doing?

Feel free to use any of the above as a talking point, if you so choose.

Ok I'll stop now :)

LMB | July 3, 2013

I am a Massachusetts resident and will be speaking with Sen. Pacheco. It's all rolled up in a larger bill with other goodies for the dealers, and I wonder if his staff even knows what that one little clause is about.

I draw your attention to H.241 filed by State Rep. Linsky, who represents Natick. He was so ticked off by the dealers suing the Natick selectmen when they issued Tesla's dealer license that he filed this bill.

His bill explicitly legalizes the Tesla sales model. This is the one we need, but it doesn't have any co-sponsors. Unclear if it's going anywhere.

AlMc | July 3, 2013

Jamon: I have several relatives in Massachusetts; What is Mr. Pacheco's district?

When does the legislative session close in Mass.?


AlMc | July 3, 2013

VP Joe Biden is a long time Delaware resident, former Senator and many years ago was County Councilman representing the district in which I live. I wrote (emailed) and offered him a test drive......Maybe...Just maybe, I will hear back from him.

Mel. | July 4, 2013

State senator Pacheco is located in Taunton, Ma.