Key Fob Battery Issue

Key Fob Battery Issue

Curious if anyone else as experience a rapid depletion in Key Fob Battery life?

I have the two Key Fobs, I used the primary Key fob for a couple months (I've had my X since early Jan) until the battery died. So I started using my secondary Fob. My service Tech asked if I was storing my Fob inside the vehicle. I said no, I explained I hang the Key Fob inside the house on the hook next to the garage door. He asked if the hook was within range of the Fob's Bluetooth signal - which I said yeah probably. He told me the fob battery was draining so quickly because it was in constant communication with the X. He told me to move it further away. I thought that was inconvenient, but I started taking the Key Fob up the stairs a good distance from the X. Recently over the weekend while on a road trip to Wisconsin, the warning light came on - "Key Battery Needs Replacing".

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this?

sp_tesla | June 6, 2016

The easiest solution is to have fob shut off option.

sp_tesla | June 6, 2016

At minimum TM should provide at least one free Keyfob RFID Signal Blocking Bag.

davediep | June 6, 2016


I had the same problem and posted in this forum a couple of months ago. Both of my key fobs stopped working about two weeks after delivery. After they replaced the battery, I keep the key fobs in a small metal container with cap on. Everything seems okay since then. | June 6, 2016

You could always wrap it in Al foil.....

sp_tesla | June 6, 2016

" | June 6, 2016
You could always wrap it in Al foil...."

Very elegant solution for $100K car.

Redmiata98 | June 6, 2016

There was a spacer inserted into the early fobs during the battery replacement by the SC. One of mine got the spacer when it died, the other is still working fine since January delivery. I store mine in the house about 15 to 20 feet from the car. Both are still working, the second was replaced at the end of March.

SUN 2 DRV | March 12, 2019

I've been having this issue of very short battery life (2-4 weeks) with both fobs from my 2013 MS.

Does anyone have any recent info for a fix or a description of the spacer issue?

I keep both my fobs at the other end of the house from the MS, but I'm wondering if they are being activated (and thus drained) by some other RF signal like either 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi, 900MHz or DECT cordless phones, or ???

inconel | March 12, 2019

Put one into a Faraday cage box for a couple of weeks to test?