Key Fob operation of falcon wing doors - what do others thing?

Key Fob operation of falcon wing doors - what do others thing?


I had a recent issue (second time actually) with the falconwing doors hitting the ceiling in a parking garage. I was in a parking garage and I reached into my pocket to grab my keys and in doing so I hit the button to raise a falcon wing door, and up it went. It did not stop when it should, and it hit the ceiling, and another paint chip. My pocket was a bit tight and so i guess when i grabbed the keychain, i pushed against the button on the key fob. It so happened that the door that activated was on the other side of the car and i could not get over there fast enough, nor get keys out of pocket fast enough to stop the door from going up.

I want to make a feature request, but have no idea of where to do it, nor what others may think of the suggestion.

Id like to request that there be a setting in the car that enables or prevents the key fob from raising the trunk and/or falcon wing doors (i hit the trunk one time too). It's so easily to accidentally push the button when reaching for keys… and if the detection system does not work properly, then you end up with car damage.

Realistically there is little reason to open the falcon wing doors and or trunk from the keychain. I mean, the buttons are right there on the car.. and if I have to push the button on the actual car to raise the door, then at least i'm there and can grab the door if it comes close to something. I wonder if others feel the same? If you park in a parking garage often, then this would force you to be beside the door when it goes up to make sure it doesnt hit anything. Parking garages are filled with all kinds of obstacles that it seems the sensors cannot detect.

Thank you

lilbean | December 28, 2018

I don't park anywhere that the falcon wing doors could hit. In fact, I don't even take that car when I know the parking is dangerous for it.

Wilber | December 28, 2018

u8915055 - I think that is an excellent idea! That kind of thing has happened a few times to me. Luckily the door didnt hit anything when it opened. but came close. I would love to be able to turn that functionality off from the keychain. Since we have that functionality on the main screen and inside and outside the doors, the keyfob controlling them is not that needed.

marqdow | December 28, 2018

It’s Read the Owner’s Manual Time. My Oct 29, 2018 edition says it takes two fob clicks to open the FWDs. And there is a Low setting under Vehicle > FWD Height with an Info button worth reading especially regarding garages. Mine is a late Nov. ‘18 model. Suggest Columbia brand pants — stylish yet a bit looser fitting.

packpike | December 28, 2018

Never had my falcon wing door open while fumbling for stuff in my pocket. What keys are you reaching for when you’re near a parking garage anyway? If your pants are that tight I would suggest carrying the fob in your hand.

I open the FWD from the fob almost daily when my kids are with me. It’s an amazing feature that it seems that 90+% of users enjoy so I would suggest adjusting your habits, not ours.

Vawlkus | January 2, 2019

I have a hard shell coin case that my fob fits snugly inside of. No accidental button presses, and it’s not much bigger than the fob is. Problem solved.