Keyfob leash

Keyfob leash

That stylish black Tesla keyfob is hard to identify in purse or pocket--or when dropped on dark-colored interiors. And it is slippery enough to worm its way out of your pocket. It needs a tether.

And the bottom of the fob has just the right hole for one of the waxed cord loops--but the slots do not work well with the usual split ring or keychain.

What the Tesla fob needs is the Nikon wrist strap for very small cameras.

People who wear belts (or at least have belt loops) can loop the wrist strap around it to keep the fob from wandering very far, yet have it at hand when a button push is needed. Unlike tethering key rings, the fob's tether need not reach very far and so does not need a retractor.

And when Baby swallows the cute black thing, you or the EMT can probably hook the wrist strap with a finger to retrieve it. YMMV.

Perhaps Tesla could buy in quantity (maybe 10 cents?) and provide?

kback | June 26, 2013

Mine came with a small black lanyard with a clip on the end. I just keep it in my pocket as is, but it would be perfect for clipping to keychains. I'm sure the Tesla service center can provide one or tell you how to get it.

cerjor | June 26, 2013

I use one similar to the one shown except the loop is large enough to go over my head. I just hang it around my neck. Haven't lost it yet.

ir | June 27, 2013

If you plan to attach to your belt loop, this might work better:

Available in blue as well:

It is a carabiner style strap originally for Olympus cameras. I clip it to a belt loop and tuck the fob into my pocket. Keeps it safe and doesn't add more junk to my keychain.

jdb | June 27, 2013
jdb | June 27, 2013

Not sure why link did not work. Amazon fulfilment, Case Logic USB Flash Drive Case 2PK (Black/Green) USB-202.

Brian H | June 27, 2013

Yes, the "h" part of "http" is important. Computers (so far) are lousy guessers.

TFMethane | June 28, 2013

My delivery guy had a few little black lanyards. He saw me trying to put the fob on my keyring, and took pity on me. It looks like he had taken the initiative to buy these on his own, and he was giving them out sparingly. It wasn't a Tesla policy.

Colasec | June 28, 2013

Do you ever need to actually do anything with the fob? Like take it out of your pocket or push any buttons? Or just it just have to be with you?

DigitalSavant | June 28, 2013

@Colasec - there are buttons for popping the trunk and frunk, and for locking/unlocking the doors (if you don't want the car to do it for you automatically). Otherwise, for simply driving the car, the fob can stay in your pocket.

wcalvin | June 29, 2013

A short-term solution is to loop a rubber band of sufficient length. But they deteriorate over time.

String, knotted into a loop,.

Ribbon, threaded and knotted. Get a choice of colors that way. YMMV.

Brian H | June 29, 2013

Small ring on the fob, large ring linked to it.

2-Star | June 30, 2013

Brian: Where did you get the small ring?

moorelin | June 30, 2013

liked the camera strap idea, just went for this:

Brian H | June 30, 2013

Same as a large ring, but maybe ½" diameter.

Carmine | June 30, 2013

This has been discussed numerous times the latest was on 6/24/13 post under "Key Lanyard?"
Remember to check "" before posting. Volker is back on TMC and the German Tesla site. If he checks back here he's not going to be happy with the mess we have created after all his hard work trying to keep everything in order.

Brian H | June 30, 2013

He had nothing to do with that page. It was created and named by nickjhowe.

Carmine | June 30, 2013

Brian H. I know that nickjhowe created after Volker signed off last year. All I'm saying is USE before starting a new thread because many of these problems as well as their solutions have already been posted.

Brian H | June 30, 2013

Yes, it would cut down the number of threads about pano sound, etc.