Kid Booster seats don't fit..

Kid Booster seats don't fit..

First off I received the car yesterday and it is awesome. I drove around awhile then decided to take the family for a ride. Two kids aged 6 and 7 who ride in booster seats and my wife. I threw their boosters in the back and realized they could not buckle their seat belts. The seats are recessed down a bit to hug a persons backside with some padding built up on the door side of the seats. This pushes the boosters to the center and covers the seat belt receptacle!! There is no way they can buckle up without me climbing over everything and dropping f bombs in front of them (neither of which is acceptable).

Has anyone found boosters that will work in the back seat?

sparkycollier | February 7, 2013

I agree - although the design which allows 3 adults to sit in the back seat seems novel, once you realize you can't even have your 2 kids back there (a FAR more common occurrence for most sedan owners), it's a real bummer.

My oldest no longer requires a booster, so we ended up with the youngest sitting in the middle so the seat belt can buckle. But of course the oldest is already complaining about being crowded... this does not bode well for long trips, which I would love to take with the family (instead of the honda odyssey) to save gas and because, well.. the Tesla rocks otherwise!

bushman | February 7, 2013

@ghillair -perfect!! Thanks for the link.

svshah70 | February 7, 2013

I dont have the MS yet, but my friend does. WIll have to try my booster seats in his car to verify this issue. Anyone else have the same problems?

brijam | February 7, 2013

I've taken my 8 year old on two test drives with a booster seat and it fit perfectly.