Kudos to Ranger and Service Advisor in AZ

Kudos to Ranger and Service Advisor in AZ

Car arrived last Wednesday sans paint armor and with a few minor issues to be resolved. Since I was going to be out of town, the Scottsdale service manager, Tim, arranged for Leland our local Ranger to come pick up the car on Monday. (Someone had to fly to Nevada to borrow their truck first since theirs had just broken down.) Tim also arranged for the same outfit doing the paint armor to add window tint at a very reasonable price. He promised the car Wednesday or Thursday at the latest, and to keep this promise, my Ranger just dropped the car off around 8 pm this evening. With another 1.5 hours to get back home.

These guys are really putting in an effort. They are clearly understaffed, dealing with a temporary facility, and in my case a 100+ mile trip to my house. But the got the job done and the car came back in great shape - and fully charged to boot. I should note that all this was arranged before I paid for the 4 year anywhere service plan.

I suspect as they get staffed up and the regular facility is in place, the minor issues wrt communication timeliness, logistics, etc. will disappear. The results, their responsiveness, and their desire to get it right are commendable, esp. given the current challenging conditions. There's an old management saying about "catch them doing something right." These guys are.

irishstoutaz | May 3, 2013

Nice to hear some positive service experiences (especially for AZ where we don't have a permanent SC yet).

Looking forward to getting ours hopefully early next month. *Still waiting on the Delivery Button to appear...

fluxemag | May 3, 2013

I wonder what's going on with the AZ service center. It had "Open before March 31st". Then it had an address near the Scottsdale airpark. Now it's back to "coming soon" with no address. I never thought I'd be getting my car before that opened. But it looks like I will be wrong.

Carefree | May 3, 2013

I was contacted by both Tim and Nicholas from the AZ service center about my punch list items. I told them that I was in no rush to get them fixed as I was awaiting the opening of the service center, I was surprised to hear that the permanent service center is still months away from opening. I am not even sure they have a location yet. I will now drop off the car at their temporary service center to get it fixed.

I agree that the staff is very proactive and accommodating.

I wonder if they can't open the (permanent) Service Center because of AZ dealer laws - it would not surprise me at all.

Vlnprof | May 3, 2013

I don't think it has anything to do with dealership laws. I've been to the temporary service center and spoke to Tim about why the advertised one keeps getting pushed back. He mentioned they are having difficulty finding a space that meets all of their needs - especially regarding power. I guess most buildings cannot handle the power that the Tesla service center needs. Tim indicated it may be quite a while before they find a solution, and it looks like they are getting ready to set up in their current location for a while.

Alex K | May 4, 2013

The current temporary service center looks really nice from the outside. I haven't been inside - I had them leave my car outside after they serviced it because I was arriving late to pick it up. The staff there has been great and they alway go out of their way to accommodate my requests.

GoReedo | May 6, 2013

Where is the temporary AZ Service Center?

Alex K | May 6, 2013

1636 W Knudsen Dr
Ste 100
Phoenix AZ 85027

rg22.vanhorn | May 29, 2016

An old thread, but in my opinion still a very appropriate title... I'm in the midst of a road trip from Iowa > Custer, SD > Tucson, and finally this coming week back to Iowa. Last Tuesday night I was driving the leg from Casa Grande, AZ to Tucson. It was dark; I was on Autopilot going 75mph. Suddenly, I got a dash red alarm from the radar to stop immediately... or something to that effect! Of course I couldn't react to the alarm and I ran over the road debris... my guess it was tire tread. The S actually "bucked" a bit off the road. I thought to myself "Oh c**p, what have I done??!!' I proceeded and things seemed to be ok. But eventually the TACC & Autosteeer quit working. I pulled into a lighted gas station and looked things over. There was no blatently obvious damage. I climbed back into the S and proceeded. The Autopilot did seem to continue to operate, but I did notice a symptom: when passing a truck, I would get to a certain point on the L quarter of the truck, then the Autopilot (radar) would see a "spook" vehicle in the lane ahead of me when in fact there was no vehicle really there. The S would slow down instead of overtaking the truck... though I could accelerate and force it to overtake the truck. Despite this, I got to my Tucson destination ok.

The next day I successfully demonstrated Autopilot in Tucson, but the day following Autopilot totally quit working. So I called the Scottsdale SC and explained what was wrong. They arranged for Paul, the Tucson Ranger to call me which he did on Friday before the Memorial Day weekend. Despite being very busy Paul did agree to come by that Friday evening to look at the problem. He really wanted to help restore my Autopilot to service so I could use it on my return drive to Iowa. He did a lot of front-end dis-assembly to access the radar sensor. Sure enough it needed to be properly re-positioned into its plastic bracket. Paul re-assembled the front-end then we took the car for a test drive... no Cruise or Autosteer. We returned; Paul connected his diagnostic computer to an under-dash port and took the car out again to calibrate the radar. When he returned, it was properly working! Success! I was so pleased that Tesla Service and Tucson Ranger Paul were willing (despite being otherwise busy, I'm sure) to quickly respond to my problem and make the effort to keep me on the road with Autopilot. Yes... Kudos to the Scottsdale Service Center and especially to the Tucson Ranger, Paul!! Thank you!!

Made in CA | May 29, 2016


I hope the rest of your trip home is uneventful.