Kudos to Tesla and Elon regarding the Factory Burn Accident

Kudos to Tesla and Elon regarding the Factory Burn Accident

I think Tesla did a great job getting out in front of the story regarding Wednesday's industrial accident at the factory. Model S is the greatest production car ever built it takes people operating the tools and machinery to make the Model S. Elon set the example for Tesla and every other CEO out there emulate by taking this issue head on, personally visiting the injured, and confronting the media with a commitment to the care of Tesla's workforce and to preventing such accidents from happening in the future.

gaggarwal2000 | November 15, 2013

While the whole news/media is focused on 3 Tesla fires, GM has recalled Malibu car models for risk of fire. 60,000 cars at risk of fire from the seat which is inside the car.

Brian H | November 15, 2013

Not true. Most of those recalls are for defrosters that don't.
"GM also is recalling nearly 15,000 Malibus in North America from the 2013 model year because wiring beneath the seats can catch fire."

mjp25 | November 17, 2013

The defroster problem is a software issue. Now if only some car company could find a way to push out software updates over the internet....:-)