Lane change in auto pilot mode

Lane change in auto pilot mode

When on auto pilot, and if turn signal is engaged, will the car change lanes if there is another car in that lane

T34Bravo | January 6, 2018

It *shouldn't*. That said, when I did my initial test drive the sales rep leaned over and hit the turn signal to demonstrate and the car changed lanes very abruptly and we almost got rear ended by a 7 series. It's a pretty solid system but always use due diligence.

Bill_75D | January 6, 2018

Agree with T34Bravo. Fast approaching cars from the rear in adjacent lanes are a big problem. I too was almost hit when my Tesla tried to move over in front of a speeding car. I was able to yank the wheel and return to my original lane. If everyone is traveling the same speed, it works fine.

kerryglittle | January 6, 2018

Guess it can depend how fast the car in the open lane is gaining on you. Has worked flawlessly for me the times I have used it but you are still the driver and have to be aware of surrounding traffic. I can just see that in court as an excuse. The car said it was ok to pull out. Might get a good laugh from the judge. LOL

rdr1rx | January 6, 2018

Use lane change when no one is nearby. Avoid it when there is a fair amount of traffic, or if the car brakes when it approaches a slower car ... lane change takes about 8-10 seconds to execute. Slow as f*#k to react while your blinker is on and nothing happens.

RedJ | January 6, 2018

The “fast approaching car” problem will only be solved when the side, rearward facing cameras are active.

bp | January 6, 2018

Until the side cameras are activated, it's possible not all vehicles in the adjacent lane can be detected using the proximity sensors. | January 6, 2018

This thread covered lane change operation fairly well:

garyjtate | January 6, 2018

This was working fine for me until last update, now it works sporadically ..

Haggy | January 6, 2018

Always check the side view mirror and look over your shoulder. If there's a car next to you or in your blind spot, the car won't change lanes until it's clear. Within the past day or so, I needed to change lanes, there was a car next to me, and it was moving faster than my car. I put on the signal. My car stayed where it was until the other car finished passing me and then my car changed lanes. As everybody else pointed out, a speeding car that's too far back for the sonar sensors to recognize could catch up to you by the time you start to enter a lane.

GrantWilson | June 5, 2019

There's already a step towards the automatic lane change. Once enabled, in case a driver is on a highway and s/he uses the Autopilot feature with a location plugged into the navigation bar, the lane change will be switched on by default. And generally, over the last 8-10 months, the Autopilot feature has gotten better I guess. I'm waiting for my Model Y now and I'm not sure yet whether I need Autopilot at all.