lanyard for Tesla key

lanyard for Tesla key

I teach lanyard making at summer camp (Lair of the Bear in the High Sierras). I just made a 2 inch lanyard for my Tesla Key. Anyone want one. I would be happy to share the beauty of the key with a lanyard - decide on the length you want and colors. I make them with 5 strands and a lead string - so up to 6 colors in all. I like really three colors plus the lead string - same color on outside and contrasting color for next string in and another contrasting color for the middle string; lead string also contrasting with the outside color. Anyway, happy to provide the lanyward. Twist stitch or box. My son sells the 8 inch ones for $10 at the studio to grips who use them to hold their hand tools. Maybe $5 for 2 inch and $7.50 for the middle size 4- 6 inch. Great to find the key in a purse, or in your pocket, for that matter. contact me: All hand made, of course. Some folks use them for luggage markers - great gifts. I just delivered a couple hundred to the veterans group to pack in gift boxes for the troops. Happy Holidays. | December 15, 2013

Can you post pics?

tesla.mahedy | December 15, 2013

^^ Agreed. I would be interested if I saw a picture.


mantin | December 15, 2013

I don't know how to post a pix. Let me know, and I will be happy to do so, or email to me and I will attach to my reply.

Brian H | December 17, 2013

Host on a site like Flickr or imageshack or tinypic. Rt-click the full image, select "Copy Image Location".
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Brian H | December 17, 2013

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