Large display and computer died a few months after my warranty ran out

Large display and computer died a few months after my warranty ran out

2014 Model P85D, warranty ran out in December 2018. My main, large , display would not come on so I called Tesla service. They are impossible to get a hold of and my app would not work since it could not connect to the car. I called and waited 45 minutes for Tesla to answer, they told me it had "fatal errors" so bring it in.
Turns out I had what they referred to as "corruption" in the computer and they could not connect to the display , they replace the entire screen and computer for $2,800.00
I had the screen give me trouble booting up a few times over the last year so I think I started having the problem while under warranty (they said I did have fatal errors preciously but the computer was able to correct them) but unfortunately it did not totally fail till after the warranty.
Anyone else having this problem , that is a very expensive repair .


hsuru4u | September 19, 2019

this kind of failure after warranty is what scares me.

barrykmd | September 19, 2019

Then sell your car.

PrescottRichard | September 19, 2019

That cost seems in line with what others have paid, IIRC.

If you’re game you might consider buying a salvaged MCU, maybe someone here will have some advice on what to do with it once you get one!

To add insult to injury - there will probably be a newer/better/faster/cooler/more efficient version out shortly after you replace this one.

Barry- Simmer down now! :P This may be a real person posting and not a hit-and-run FUD post.

PrescottRichard | September 19, 2019

This thread might be of interest if you haven’t seen it already.

Ross1 | September 19, 2019

Expensive repair or cheap upgrade?
Was it replaced with a newer version?

Bighorn | September 19, 2019

Is this after 100,000 miles or did you skip the extended warranty to save $4000? If so, sounds like you’re still ahead, so far.

jordanrichard | September 20, 2019

If a $2,800 repair scares people, I am guessing you have never had to have a blown/leaking head gasket replaced...