The Largest Investment Fund divesting of Fossil Fuels

The Largest Investment Fund divesting of Fossil Fuels

More Investors leaving the fossil fuel junkies addiction. This is major and could start a domino effect.
Keep that shit in the ground.

Mike83 | March 8, 2019
kcheng | March 8, 2019

LOL, Norwegians! Taking their oil money and not investing in oil!

Mike83 | March 8, 2019

Investing that capX in more sustainable products like Tesla, infrastructure, and many other areas is great. Don't want to drag a dead horse around.

Tesla-David | March 9, 2019

Outstanding, way to go Norway!

Troll flagged!

El Mirio | March 9, 2019

there is a site to avoid oil 401k funding

Darthamerica | March 9, 2019

This has nothing to do with AGW or nonsensical environment worries. This is to reduce dependency on one particular part of the market. This is almost always a good economic strategy.

SCCRENDO | March 9, 2019

There are apparently other green funds out there. This is an example of a green bond fund.
Apparently Ameritrade also has some green funds

The reality is that many like myself have our monies invested and managed with investment advisors. While I am with Strategic Advisors who are an affiliate of Fidelity they have an significant advantage using Fidelity Funds but also indeed use many other funds including those of competitors. But there are limits. Their 401 K funds are more strictly limited. But I have taken upon myself to move my 401 k funds to my managed IRA portfolio and keep doing this every 6 months as further funds accumulate. But you have to be over 59 1/2 to do this. I need to talk to them about keeping my investments in as green a fund as possible. The difficulties I see are that their investment options are not necessary infinite and good portfolio management involves investment and constant rebalancing over diverse types of Stocks Bonds and EFTs. My non IRA investments are also tax managed and indeed I was pleased to see a capital loss accrued despite a good market year. I must be invested in over 60 different mutual funds. I am pretty sure they good decrease my fossil fuel holdings significantly without occuring any significant financial cost to me but I suspect it may be impossible to divest completely. To be honest I have no idea of what I am completely invested in except for largest holdings and approximate percentages among major local and foreign sectors. I do know that Fidelity does invest significantly in TSLA although I am sure it is there for financial rather than environmental reasons. But I guess these are becoming serious things that we should discuss with our advisors.

El Mirio | March 9, 2019

Divestment strategies seem to work, otherwise one wouldn't see anti BDS legislation across the country,.

El Mirio | March 9, 2019
Mike83 | March 10, 2019

I am an aggressive investor which many people couldn't live with but I have had excellent returns over the last decade.
I have used almost every discount broker and find each has pros and cons. I have some money in the Fidelity brokerage which I really like. There is a way to use a Brokerage sub account in a 401k(it depends on the type you have) and invest in individual stocks like Tesla or whatever you like.
As more investors divest of fossil fuels the money they have has to go somewhere. I mostly do individual companies but the link I listed here has doubled in the last 2 years run by Catherine Woods.
Some people use the pyramid scheme with % of assets going to speculative, standard stocks, income, cash, etc.
Today's Macro environment is complex which affects all investments. But I stick with ethics and my conscience stays clear and this has given me great ROI and a very happy life and I am sticking with it.
This isn't investment advice as it is only my opinion.