Last minute supercharger clarification.

Last minute supercharger clarification.

My order goes to the factory tomorrow and I am still stuck on whether or not to get supercharging on my 60kw. Im in Baton Rouge and there doesn't look to be a lot of plans near me for superchargers. I would love to have a station in or around Lafayette or Lake Charles but in reality it doesn't look likely since the volume of cars to the State is so tiny. Will it be available as an add on later? If so any idea on pricing? I hate paying for something it looks like will be years away from using. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Longhorn92 | April 14, 2013

Yes, $2,500 if you purchase later. Hardware is already installed.

marshallhunter | April 14, 2013

Thanks Longhorn, is that listed somewhere or is it just someone interacting with a Tesla rep?

riceuguy | April 14, 2013

Marshall, that was made official a few weeks ok when they revealed that it was cheaper for them to just stick the hardware in all 60s and hope that people eventually upgrade to turn them on.

riceuguy | April 14, 2013

Ok = ago

Bubba2000 | April 14, 2013

I know a guy who bought a SigP(85) in Lafayette, LA. The extra range does come handy since there are no Superchargers around. He can go to New Orleans at at a good speed with no problems, add a few miles at the the 240V chargers and get back without compromise. Going to BR and back is a cinch, except for the speed traps.

Going to Houston is a problem. Have to drive at 60 mph or less, in the range mode with HVAC at a minimum. Charge overnight at a hotel and top off at the Tesla Galleria store before heading back. Going to Dallas from Lafayette via Shreveport is not practical. Houston to Dallas has to be at 55 mph with no HVAC, in range mode. Dangerous with trucks going at 75 mph.

It it was me, I would go spend the extra money for a 85 KW-hr model and even get the tech package. I keep my cars a long time, so the extra money is spread over the long time.

I kind of doubt LA is a top of the Tesla SC list. Population is only 4.6M. This is truck country, good for fishing and hunting. Texas has potential because of huge cities like Houston where MS makes sense for commuter use.

Vawlkus | April 15, 2013

I would go for it because its cheaper to get it live from the factory, and provided Tesla doesn't stumble, you know there will be an SC near you in the next year or two.

hamer | April 16, 2013

It is a matter of where the priorities are. I chose to go with only two options: the 85 kWh battery and leather seats. The maximum range meant that much to me because I want to be able to use it for longer trips without having to charge at a slow rate at RV parks