Last release bricked my Bluetooth

Last release bricked my Bluetooth

Neither of my phones show up when I go to the Phone panel, and if I tap 'Connect Phone' a modal dialog comes up that says 'Initializing Bluetooth, please wait,' and it never goes anywhere.

PrescottRichard | May 17, 2020

Weird! Try the old scroll wheel reboot.

After that, I got nothing.

rob | May 17, 2020

Thanks @PrescottRichard, will give that a try. Of course, being in computers, I know the first law of computing is 'Reboot, see what happens...' Just thought this likely happened to others.

munrosa | May 17, 2020

I had that problem too. In the phone Bluetooth screen there is an "I" icon for further information. I followed the instructions in that section and it fixed everything. Hope it works for you.

jordanrichard | May 17, 2020

Go to the Bluetooth in your phone and delete the car and then reinitialize Bluetooth on your phone and load the car. Then search for your phone.

rob | May 22, 2020

Fixed this, was weird, told it to forget my android phone and it found it. But the iphone did not need the same. They are working now.