Latch/Isofix in 3rd row?

Latch/Isofix in 3rd row?

Is there any possibility to order ISOFIX to the 3rd row seats?
My buy is all depending either on ordering isofix/latch in 3rd row or finding child seats that are able to attach to four point belts.

Please help out

MileHighMotoring | November 19, 2015

A) This is the Roadster forum :)

B) The 3rd row is not for kids in car seats. It's for children over 37” tall and weighting between 35 and 77 lbs. It's got it's own harness system.

mohdhaji24 | November 24, 2015


eric.zucker | November 30, 2015

If you're considering Model X, it is confirmed that there is LATCH/ISOFIX on 2 seats in the middle row, and both seats in the 3rd row.

Model S: no idea.

Roadster: There is a third row? Actually I haven't seen the 2nd row yet either. And I drive one every day.