Leased Car and Automated Moving Violations

Leased Car and Automated Moving Violations

So it turns out in the state of MD automated moving violations tickets are sent to the leasing company and not the lease holder. Tesla pays these tickets and adds a $10.50 surcharge per ticket to the lease holder. Wondering about the legality of this. Typically one can contest these tickets but it would appear that my state has chosen to deliberately bypass the lease holder in what looks like an attempt to maximize this income. I did get communication from the state that my EZPASS transponder was malfunctioning and so clearly they know that I drive the car.

EVRider | August 16, 2019

Rental car companies do the same thing, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't be legal. Check your lease agreement and see if it says anything about it.

DermMD | August 16, 2019

@EVRider I think Tesla paying the ticket and billing me with an added processing fee is in order. I just wondered whether the state agency has not found this an easy way of maximizing income. Afterall I registered the car in my state.

EVRider | August 17, 2019

Is your lease actually directly from Tesla? My previous Model S was leased, but US Bank was the lessor and I dealt directly with them.

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DermMD | August 18, 2019

Everything about the lease says Tesla including the paperwork and payments are made to Tesla. They may have a special arrangement with a bank that has a dedicated Tesla unit but working behind the scenes and not exposed to me, the client.

EVRider | August 18, 2019

I would have preferred that when I leased my S. US Bank was a pain to deal with.

reed_lewis | August 19, 2019

The registered owner of the vehicle with a lease is the leasing company whoever that is. That is who gets the tickets, excise tax bills (at least in Mass), and registration renewals.

The administrative charge to send you a bill is pure profit because it is a totally automated system, but alas that is how the leasing companies make more money.

johncrab | August 19, 2019

Okay, this is just weird. Plain weird. I have never heard of the lessor receiving tickets but MD law may be written in such a way that a lessor or rental company is responsible, so they pay and bill the lessee. That's just nuts but it should insulate you from points on your license and five years of insurance rape for a moving violation since you are not being held directly responsible or given a chance to go to court. Interesting. in RoboCop states, the lessor or rental company has to rat out the owner/renter and then the ticket is re-processed and sent out to that person and then they have enough information to hang that person with points, etc. So not a complete negative here it seems.