Leaving car with phone while it is on

Leaving car with phone while it is on

With most prox keys, if you are driving (with prox key in the car) and then leave the car, the car usually can still be driven until it is turned off. How does it work with the Model 3 if you are using the bluetooth key and/or key card?

bmalloy0 | April 26, 2018

Teslas are (almost) always "on," however they only allow you outnof park if they detect the key (fob/phone/card) inside the vehicle, and autolock when not detected. One of the benefits of not having an explosion machine power the vehicle.

andy.connor.e | April 26, 2018

What i know, is phone overrides keycard:
If you leave keycard in car, and walk away with your phone, it will power the car down and lock the doors (assuming you have walk-away-lock on).

If you leave phone in car and walk away with keycard without swiping, i believe the car will power down but not necessarily lock. (owner confirmation needed)

Try to at least never leave the car without the keycard. But personally, having 2 keys would piss me off more than being limited to my phone.

Model_D | April 26, 2018

We can help you if you tell us what you are trying to do. Like:
I want to have someone drop me off then park my car without having a key card or my phone.
Or, I want to drive somewhere and then get out and switch drivers and let my passenger park the car.
Or, I want to make sure that if I park my car and walk away that someone can’t quickly get inside and drive off.

H271 | April 26, 2018

I'm not looking to do anything specifically, I'm just asking how it works.

JFleischood | April 26, 2018

I have a question that relates to this topic:

Right now (in the winter mostly) when doing certain things, like dropping my kid at school, I leave my car (and heat) on, take my fob with me and lock the doors. When I come back, car is still warm, on and ready to drive. This would apply to the summer as well, when wanting to run in some where for just a few minutes and not wanting to get the car hot again.

How does this differ with a Tesla? Will car always shut down when I walk away? How fast can you get in and go? Do you just hop in and put into Drive/Reverse and go?

JFleischood | April 26, 2018

Sorry, follow up:

What if you hop out to run into a store and there are still passengers in the car. Does the car sense this or would it shut all the way down unless I leave my phone in the car?

spockagain34 | April 26, 2018

@JFleischood, you can open that app on your phone and adjust the temperature inside the car so that it stays at whatever you'd like it to be when you get back in. I've not had the chance to use it in cold weather yet, but in hot weather it cools down very quickly. My 3 sits out in the parking lot all day at work and has been getting up to about 150 degrees inside. Generally about 5-10 minutes before I leave I open the app and tell it to cool down to 70 and it has done so well before I make it to the car.

spockagain34 | April 26, 2018

And, yes, when you hop in the car it will authenticate with your phone key and you simply put your foot on the break and put the car in gear and take off. It's very easy and fast.

spockagain34 | April 26, 2018

Mine is set so that it unlocks the car when I press on the door handle. So by the time I've opened the door and sat down in the seat the car will have woken up and be ready to take off.

MarylandS85 | April 26, 2018

The car does not detect passengers to keep the heat on. If you get out of the driver’s seat and close the door, the screen will shut off, and heat will turn off. You can, however, activate climate control from the app (and it stays on for 30 minutes unless you turn it off). If you take your phone and walk away, the doors will lock with your kids inside. If you leave the phone with the kids in the car, the doors won’t automatically lock. Nor will you be able to activate climate control remotely. You have options, depending on how old/responsible your kids are.

On the plus side, your car will not have an engine running while you’re in the store. This means you could even run climate control when the car is parked indoors.

Model_D | April 26, 2018

My 3 will do the following: I leave a passenger in the car that has their Bluetooth connected to play music. His phone is not a phone key. I leave with my phone that is a key. The car stays on while I go inside and is still on when I get back. The weather has been nice so the HVAC has been off. I’ll try it with the AC on and let y’all know if it stays on too.

JFleischood | April 26, 2018

Thanks everyone. Basically, just have to use the climate control on the phone for those situations.

@Model_D - That is good info. Whenever it involves passengers, my wife is one of them, so I will make sure her phone is connected as well. When you do this, is the passengers phone already connected to the radio, or does it switch to theirs when you exit?

I also wonder what would happen if the passengers (say a spouse) phone is a full access key and all. Would the car then switch to their driver profile for when you re-enter the vehicle.

alphacompton | April 26, 2018

I would really like an option to walk away, have doors lock and still allow passengers to operate the controls. They could even have a prompt to accept on the screen to allow the car to remain active but not drive-able.

I really like the concept of the phone key but there will be times I'll want to leave my Model 3 for a short time AND I'll need or really like to have my phone with me. By myself this will be fine but if I have passengers or family this is annoying because I don't want to leave my phone if I need it for something (like using Samsung Pay/Apple Pay, taking a picture, calling person you are picking up etc). The Fob lets you do it, because you just leave it and still have your phone. Anyway when I get my Model 3 soon, I'll be "making" an iPod Touch FOB. I ordered a nice close fit leather sleeve for it from Fitbags on Amazon. Assuming it works , I intend to leave the fob in the car with passengers so the A/C will continue to work without me having to open my app and set remote climate control.
If my dad needs to use the car for a little I can lend out the FOB with keycard in sleeve for the day. He'll get the convenience of walkup unlock/walk out lock and have the keycard as a backup.

JFleischood | April 26, 2018

@alphacompton - The on-screen prompt is a great idea. That way when the driver leaves the passenger simply presses to leave the car "running". Driver gets to keep the phone and not have to fiddle with app while walking into store, and passengers get to continue enjoying the car.

I wonder if the electronic door-open controls work when the car shuts down when the driver walks away. I know the front has the manual release, but can you open the rear doors in this situation?

RedPillSucks | April 26, 2018

@MarylandS85 as a followup to JFleischood, if the car locks when you walk away with passengers in the car, this would most likely mean that any passengers attempting to exit after the car locks will trigger the car alarm, right?
Just something to keep in mind.

keydiver | April 26, 2018

On my Mosel S, after I exit, the passenger (usually my wife ) can swipe the screen with her finger to keep the car ON. Doesn't that work on the Model 3? And yes, it will set off the alarm if she tries to exit later without swiping.

MarylandS85 | April 26, 2018

I’ve never tried that with either Tesla (we have a 3 and an S), but I would assume @keydriver’s experience holds true. We’ve also never tried keeping the screen on by swiping. If that works, it’d be an easy fix.

EVRider | April 26, 2018

In my Model S, the passenger in the car can just touch the screen to turn it back on (doesn't have to "swipe"). The passenger can also unlock the door (from the touchscreen) and exit the car without setting off the alarm.

Many of the questions in this thread are answered in the owner's manual. I suggest looking there first, because some of the responses you'll get here will be incorrect. As a bonus, you'll probably learn about cool things your car can do that you might not have found out otherwise. :-)

Atlanta09 | April 26, 2018

"We can help you if you tell us what you are trying to do. Like:"

How about this - I want to park the car and leave it there locked but still running. I also need my phone to be left turned on and inside of the car.

Can I do this?

Model_D | April 26, 2018

@Atlanta. What you are describing is generally not possible with most vehicles with a fob and no human in the car. However it might be able to be done in a Tesla. What do you mean by “on?” Do you mean maintaining a certain temperature? Do you mean keeping the screen on? Or are you leaving someone in the car. If so, leave phone and person in the car and tell them to press the lock symbol on the touch screen when you leave.

EVRider | April 26, 2018

@Atlanta09: Not unless you have the mobile app on another device or leave someone (or a very smart pet) in the car. What’s the use case for your scenario, or are you just making trouble? :-)

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