Left knee hits right rear window down button

Left knee hits right rear window down button

i have had this issue from day one where my left knee inadvertantly lands on the right rear window down knob, i cant tell you how many times ihave walked away with that window down,,,,isnt there something that be done on an update to maybe have atoggle to lock all windows.

P85D | April 10, 2014

I do it all the time, bad switch placement and a window lock fixture would be a child switch.

hamer | April 10, 2014

I have this issue, too. I am relatively short (5'6") and have the seat set relatively high. I would consider this a minor design flaw (the car, not my height. Well, maybe my height, too, but it's too late for that.)

If they had made the window controls such that they were tilted slightly toward the window, or recessed them father into the recesses, they would not be as vulnerable. So I've learned, mostly, just imply not to lean my left leg against the door.

An additional control to enable us to lock the windows would be nice, but it is not the world's highest priority.

Captain_Zap | April 10, 2014 | April 10, 2014

It always amazes me the positions people sit in.

If you sit in the car with your legs straight and foot on the left foot rest, this doesn't happen. But, I guess we are all different in how we sit, so some folks are affected.

And yes, we've been through this discussion before.

Mathew98 | April 10, 2014

Yes, I see how spreading your legs wide open while you drive would make for a very comfy driving position.

Of course Bamboo8 got into the same position without driving!!!

chrisdl | April 10, 2014

I'm with you on this one.

Didn't mama tell you it's impolite to sit with your legs spread open? ;-)
Your left foot should stay on the dead pedal. Your right knee should be straight (not leaning against the center screen). Hands should be at 9:15 on the steering wheel. Both hands| Your backrest should be so straight that you can lean your wrists on the top of your steering wheel while your shoulders still touch the seat back. A correct driving position is important for safe driving and optimum reaction speed. Lotus position is not a recommended driving position. Neither is missionary, but that's something else altogether.

There, I've said my thing. Sorry, this is a pet peeve. Can't help it. I just had to rant. Tough day. Sorry, guys.

Rheumboy | April 10, 2014

It's not my knee that hits the button! Bummer

Mathew98 | April 10, 2014

@RB - Whoa. Easy there, Long John Silver...

dowopdave | April 10, 2014

Yes I did post this a few months ago but it still happens to me a lot. I start out driving with left leg on dead pedal but my ADD often kicks in and I need a different position. Do you think the powers that be ever look at these posts??

tes-s | April 10, 2014

@captain - too funny!!

@dowopdave - I don't think it is going to change with a firmware update.

It rarely happens to me now, but it no longer surprises me (first time I was startled). I have not had it happen while driving - most often it is while I am sitting in the car at a supercharger reading a book or talking on the phone, and I shift positions.

I have found that moving my leg, and putting the window back up, is a good workaround.

regen | April 10, 2014

This happens to me all the time as well, especially when making a spirited right turn.

Maybe someone should invent some sort of flip-up latch cover. You know - the type that are found covering the missile activation switch in fighter jets. Or is that only in the movies?

tes-s | April 10, 2014

Only in the movies. A navy pilot friend says she launches missiles with her left knee all the time. Says it is really annoying - especially for the pilots in the jets in front of her.

2kids10horses | April 10, 2014

Well, for me, it's not my knee that presses the button. It's the seam of my jeans.

I have long legs, and it's not the rear window, it's the front.

Maybe my Service Center can loan me some "tamper proof tape" to keep the window up!

Skotty | April 11, 2014


Knee spread is not an easily solvable problem. I have this issue too (not with the Model S, but with my knees being spread apart some while driving). It may be due to being heavy set or possibly just something to do with different body builds. In my Volt, my right knee definitely likes to rest against the center console. The left knee is not as bad, but with my left foot on the foot rest my left knee can still touch the door.

The reason this isn't easy to solve is because it actually takes muscle flexing to hold my legs straight. It's likely the same for others. This isn't possible on a long trip. Is it possible to reposition the seat somehow where this wouldn't be the case? Maybe if the seat could be bucketed more. I don't know how adjustable Model S seats are, so hard to say. The Volt seat isn't adjustable enough to find a way to change my knee spread, so either I wrap a bungee cord around my knees when I drive (which obviously I don't do) or I drive with knees spread.

info | April 11, 2014

You might try resting your left foot on the dash, nothing up there to activate and some might think you are really cool.

jjaeger | April 11, 2014

Whenever I put my left foot behind my head and brake hard (body leans forward tensioning the seat belt) then my knee hits the window buttons. Otherwise no issue here...

Miggy | April 11, 2014

Cut your leg off.

chrisdl | April 12, 2014

I appreciate that it's not always possible (or at least easy) to find a correct driving position depending on your body type. A bungee cord does sound like a last resort option ;-) ... Maybe it's better to drive with the window open, then.

I've only sat in a Volt briefly, so I don't know how the seat settings compare to a Model S. It's best to go and try in a Tesla store. Don't give too soon with finding a correct position, though. But, as I said, it may not be possible for you.

Brian H | April 13, 2014

Beat me to the bungee cord suggestion. I suggest separating the knees with a cushion first, though.

Bighorn | April 13, 2014

Until you've seen an eye destroyed by a bungee cord. Perhaps Velcro with handy cover flaps--hardly noticeable on cargo shorts.

dborn | April 13, 2014

The solution to this is to drive a right hand drive vehicle. No issue with the left knee. It rests on the centre console/ screen. Right leg is busy working...

PBEndo | April 13, 2014

Can somebody post a demonstration video of this? I can't get the window open with my knee no matter how hard I try.

Captain_Zap | April 13, 2014

@BH - Those new hook and loop elastic straps are awesome!

@PBEndo - My spouse and I had the same experience.