Let's decode the Model 3 reservation number (RN)

Let's decode the Model 3 reservation number (RN)

Let's put our collective minds together. There might be a pattern behind the RN. Not necessarily an obvious sequence, but perhaps a store locator or region, simple hash, or something more.

Without showing your complete RN, let's show parts of it to see if we can find a pattern. For example, share the first threee (NNNxxxxxx) or first four (NNNNxxxxx) and add what store, location, region, rough place in line, time of entry, etc. Let's see if first numbers mean anything. Let's see if there's a pattern or a prefix, then try to decode the prefix. We can also look at the right side (suffix) of the RN. Proceed to analyze if last 4, 5, 6, or 7 numbers mean anything. I don't think the RN is a completely random generated number.

I am 1082xxxxx (Bay Area, CA).
My other Bay Area friends are 1083 or 1082
1084 San Diego

Chunky Jr. | April 2, 2016

Why wouldn't it be random? That's the best way to keep the reservation count confidential.

sbeggs | April 2, 2016

San Diego, reserved 9 pm March 31 after reveal.


Copythat23 | April 2, 2016

I bought two reservations at the Scottsdale store both my numbers aren't even close to eachother.

EVino | April 2, 2016

First four?

HenryT2 | April 2, 2016

I got 2 reservation numbers: RN1073***** and RN1082*****. In LV, NV at around 11:45am on the 31st. One is supposed to be priority and the other 'ordinary'.

nikola.matjasic | April 2, 2016


Reserved March 31 at 10:15am

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

diegoPasadena | April 2, 2016

Pasadena, 10.22am - 1089XXXXX on both reservations, but ~65,000 apart, even though they were made within a few seconds of each other. They're definitely not purely sequential. I'll try to reach out to someone, whose reservation was made at the same time as mine and see if that helps decoding it.
But it's surely no more than an exercise to satisfy our curiosity. I think it will have no use in determining our place in line.

warren_tran | April 2, 2016

Troutdale, OR RN1073. Reserved online after reveal 3/31 9:00pm?

james_petree | April 2, 2016

Reserved 2 at the unveiling event in Hawthorne about 15-20 minutes before online orders went 'live.'


My brothers (who placed his at the eventabout 5-10 minutes later):


I can't detect any pattern other than agreeing with the suggestion above that the 107 indicates a 'priority' order for current owners (with the 108 as a 'standard' production unit.)

Bluesday Afternoon | April 2, 2016

RN10853... Ordered at 11:16 am PDT in Brea, CA.

MyTesla does not indicate "Priority Reservation" it simply says "Reserved". it also shows my Model S listed with it's VIN. So much for 107 being priority.

Bluesday Afternoon | April 2, 2016

What would be interesting is to have an owner of two Teslas report their two Model 3 reservation numbers (if they ordered two) since both are in the priority category.

andrew.zanella | April 2, 2016

Reserved online, 9 a.m., Friday April 1st - Ontario, Canada

Darryl | April 2, 2016

It is no more than an account number. It is a unique number which had been assigned to you and is its only purpose. There is a Reservation Sequence Number which denotes your spot in line which they have chose not to share with us at this time or possibly ever.

barb@duke | April 2, 2016

I am a current Tesal owner who reserved 2 M3 s in Raleigh NC. Both numbers start with RN 10782- the remainder of the numbers are not close to each other

rinku2012 | April 2, 2016

How do I know my reservation number. I ordered online and got an conformation email. But dint received any reservation number

Bluesday Afternoon | April 2, 2016

@ Rinkusunny2012

Go to MyTesla (top far right corner of the homepage). You'll need to create an account but be sure to use the same email you used to make your order. Welcome to our world. It's incredible!!

diegoPasadena | April 2, 2016

go to, top right "My Tesla" and log in with the e-mail you used to order the car. You might have to crate a password first, but that will get you to your page.

diegoPasadena | April 2, 2016

Oops - Simply Red was online earlier...

Bluesday Afternoon | April 2, 2016

Wow, I actually typed faster than someone. Just think if I used more than two fingers. ;-)

tbeck | April 2, 2016

RN10738**** (Model S owner) Reserved online @ 8:20pm 3/31/16 Los Angeles

Riteshj | April 2, 2016

Placed mine at 9pm using my phone on release date and mine is 10768. Already have a MS.

diegoPasadena | April 2, 2016

@Simply Red: Yeah, you'd think after getting my first Mac in 1985 I would have put in the time to learn how to type. Nah... too busy getting stuff done that was not typing, so I still hunt and peck. And even at *that* you're apparently faster than I ;^)

chris | April 2, 2016

RN1000 Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne and Sydney were the first locations in the world to take orders (yet we'll be one of the last to get the car...).

jeff.machamer | April 2, 2016

I'm going to throw this out there since it is a really odd coincidence. My RN number is 108 followed by my SSN in reverse order with digits 2, 5, 8 removed. :)

Conspiracy theories GO!

(and no, I'm not going to post my RN number!)

genedr @ny-us | April 2, 2016

Model S owner priority, reserved about 10 am 3/31, but confirmed 4/2 12:59 am. East Coast
I think the numbers relate more to the sequence of time of confirmation, rather than time of reservation.
After all, theres no reservation until they process the $1K.

And there is probably some sequence related to region, since the cars will roll out west-to-east in the US

bhotrieu | April 2, 2016

My is RN1070ABCDE
070 is the last 3 digits of my mobile phone number
D + E is the first digit of my mobile phone
C is the second digit of my mobile number
A is the third digit of my phone number
B have no idea
So here is my mobile number is (0433) (D+E)CA070
I don't think it's a random number
I'm in Australia

rkawakami | April 2, 2016

#RN1073xxxxx; reserved mine online at 7:35pm on Thursday. Not a current owner. Live in San Jose, CA.

cwa1978 | April 2, 2016

I'm new to the Tesla family 1080*****. Silicon Valley area. Reserved on April 1st around 11am, confirmed about 14 hours later (April 2nd, 1am PDT).

Tropopause | April 2, 2016

What if a West Coast resident (current MS owner) was on business in the East Coast when he placed his online reservation the minute online reservations opened Thursday night?

Such was the case for me and I got:


millerld57 | April 2, 2016

My M ☰ for Raleigh, NC is RN1071 - I reserved 1 in person at the Tesla SS.

TomN | April 2, 2016

Current Model S owner
Reserved at 9:30CT on 3/31 (i.e., within 30 seconds of the online orders being made available)
Live in the Chicago area

babystrange1967 | April 2, 2016

I'm not a current Tesla owner, nor am I an employee.

I reserved two cars at the Seattle SLU showroom at around 3:30 PM, in one transaction on the same CC. My numbers start with 1071 and 1084.

hillary.howrey | April 2, 2016

Mine starts with 1074, also from Chicago area, ordered online at same time as Tom above. Non-owner.

cheekedave | April 2, 2016


Reserved mine 3/31 @ 9:20AM EST in Toronto, Ontario Canada (Lawrence).

vperl | April 2, 2016

Reservation number means NOTHING

It is beyound silly to speculate. But, that is what Mediums do.

oildeathspiral | April 2, 2016

FWIW in response to a Tweet "will the serial number of the model 3 correspond to order number?" Elon replied "yes, within a region. Can't deliver to all regions simultaneously. Too much complexity."

rbgpgfl | April 2, 2016

Own an 85 and 85d RN for the 3 starts 1080.

rbgpgfl | April 2, 2016

Own an 85 and 85d RN for the 3 starts 1080.

Qball | April 2, 2016

I think for those who ordered 2, you will get your early slot on the 1st order and then 2nd order will be a bit later. This is probably done on purpose to maximize the number of unique owners.

Joon @US-CA | April 2, 2016

Own 85 and reserved 9am, April 1. RN for the 3 starts 1088... My number seems very big...
I hope it is not for producing the car.

-ABC...XYZ+ | April 2, 2016

I think the pattern in M3 RNs is an even more inefficient way to Pi than going outside the bounds of the Mandelbrot set

Lavw5670 | April 2, 2016

Seems random. 1088 here and it was halfway through the day Los Angeles time - way before reveal. Don't think we can figure it out here.....

rinku2012 | April 2, 2016

Mine starts from RN1075

Dirk.Schoppenhauer | April 3, 2016

RN1071 Frankfurt Germany, reserved March 31 1:23 pm (7:23 am EST)

carlk | April 3, 2016

1070 Bay Area and current owner of an S and an X. This MUST be the highest priority que. ;)

junchea | April 3, 2016

I reserved an M3 at 7:30pm PT on March 31st. My number starts with RN1074... It appears that 107 equates to reservations before the reveal and 108 after the reveal. The fourth digit of 1 seems like an in person reservation at a Tesla store. I'm in WA state.

teslamotors | April 3, 2016

Store: Scottsdale-Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ
Place in line: 210
Time of reservation: 3/21/2015 ~11:15 AM MST
Time of confirmation email: 4/1/2016 4:19 AM MST

Mireille and Conan | April 3, 2016

We own two MS; ordered two M3 at Scottsdale store ~ 11:30 3/31. Our RNs start w/107 and are 597 apart.

WattsThatGrin | April 3, 2016

Geneva Switzerland store, 9th in line, 15 minutes after opening on 31st, Two Model Ss.
Can't se the logic behind this and don't worry much about it either!

Matt.Stroud | April 3, 2016

Little Rock, AR

Ordered online on April 1st @ 8:34 am CST.