Licensing Supercharger Hardware

Licensing Supercharger Hardware

Anybody know the plans for Supercharging? I could see Tesla licensing supercharger hardware and battery capability to other car manufacturers in order to pull more revenue, build out the service further, and provide for an EV future. If that ISN'T their plan, I don't really enjoy thinking that GM will have supercharging, Along with all the other big car manufacturers competing in this space also. In that sense, having one supercharging network available to all EV's would be helpful, and universal. Anyone have other thoughts? I think it would be obnoxious and off point for our "sustainable future" charging EVs to provoke multiple non-compatible systems.

eddiemoy | September 18, 2013

probably wouldn't happen as tesla would also need to supply the batteries. supercharging is a matting of the charging tech with the battery.

ChristianG | September 18, 2013

Other than some sidenotes from Elon that he would love if other carmakes would join the Supercharger network. I heard nothing of it. But no other car company said anything in making their own charging network or standard.

I also don't know how flexible the Supercharger really is. That Tesla still has not solved charging with a Chadmeo charger shows that there might be complications between different systems. So no Idea what the future really brings.

I actualy think they should make the the license for free /cheap with some requirements for them. Like being open to all cars and providing a the plug tesla uses ;) Kinda google style, having other supercharger like stations where they don't have to pay a thing should be enough for them.

mkh1437 | September 18, 2013

Good article here:

Key statement here: "Tesla officials said the company is willing to share its technology with other automakers, as long as those car makers share Tesla's ethos of open access EV charging."

Benz | September 19, 2013

This could happen when the world will see how successful the Gen3 really will have become (2018?). Other car manufacturers will stand in line to knock on the door of Tesla Motors.

jat | September 19, 2013

The big issue is right now none of the other companies have batteries big enough to make use of them. If you can't make the next Supercharger on the interstate, it is of use only to local owners which isn't really the Supercharger vision.

Benz | September 19, 2013

The 2015 Supercharger map is not the final situation. There will be more Superchargers after 2015 as well.

Brian H | September 20, 2013

Yes, it will be fascinating to see how the network is built out in preparation for Model E.