I purchased and installed the ECOHITCH hidden trailer hitch. I am waiting for Torquelift Central to let me know about the "Wiring Harness". I feel ripped off because I was told it would be coming soon. So I went ahead and had that very expensive hitch installed right there at Torquelift Central. Still no wiring harness in production.
Does anyone know a way to wire a light trailer for lights? It is a single Jet Ski on a trailer. Less than 1000 lb. Wondering if there is a way to tap in without jeopardizing the electrical system.

jbunn | September 13, 2013

They usually tap off the tail lights. You'll need ground, turn right, turn left, and headlight power. You should be able to get the harness at any autopart store or place that carries trailer hitches and the like. I think U-Hall stores might carry them. You want to get a harness that matches the one on your trailer, which is often a 4 flat.

jbunn | September 13, 2013

Sorry. Let me restate that.

The wires the trailer needs for a 4 wire harness go to the following on the trailer.

Right turn and brake
Left turn and brake
Tail light, license, side marker

wcalvin | September 14, 2013

Since all of that info is available to the central computer, someone could design an app to run trailer lights via bluetooth.

shop | September 14, 2013

Not reliable enough.

judimasters | September 15, 2013

@shop. What post are you referring to?

earlyretirement | September 15, 2013

@judimasters - where did you buy the Ecohitch trailer hitch from? Have you been happy with it so far?

earlyretirement | September 15, 2013

I assume you bought from here ?

Or are there other places selling them? Would love your thoughts on it.

shop | September 15, 2013

@judimasters, I was referring to the previous post, I was saying that bluetooth isn't reliable enough for a critical safety function like brake lights. You really do want a wired connection.

judimasters | September 15, 2013

@shop. Thank you for your advice.
@earlyretirement. Yes Torquelift. I would be happy if I could use it. Because of no wiring I cannot pull my Jetski.

Any thoughts about backing into the water to put Jetski in? Battery bank enclosed? Etc!

earlyretirement | September 15, 2013

Thanks judi. Ah it. I just wanted to use it for a bicycle rack. Besides your wiring issues problem, is it totally hidden where you can't see any part of the hitch and totally seamless? Looks like a good option for people that just want to use it for a bicycle rack?

earlyretirement | September 15, 2013

Also Judi, where did you have it installed at? Did a Tesla service center do the job? If so, what did they charge to install it? Thanks so much for the info.

judimasters | September 15, 2013

I am fortunate enough to live near Torquelift Central in Washington State. So I went to the source.

earlyretirement | September 15, 2013

Ahhh. Got it. I just wanted to make sure that I read your post right. Sometimes things get "lost in translation" when posting/reading.

OK, cool about being up there near the Center. Keep us posted about a possible solution. I doubt I'd ever need the lighting solution but sure would love to use a hitch for my bike rack that fits my families 4 bikes. I'll have to use the Audi until I get a bike rack.

wcalvin | September 15, 2013

Besides bluetooth, one can imagine a repeater arrangement, using photosensors stuck onto the car lights that turn on the trailer counterpart. You'd need a battery aboard the trailer.

Here I go again, inventing something that no one needs.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 16, 2013

It is very easy to do and no need for switching or other kinds or control systems. Tap into the left rear taillight - I used Posit-taps because there is no cutting involved and they are very secure. Buy a 4-wire pigtail system, available at any auto parts store. Leave it coiled in the rear footwell or the storage area to its left. Then pull it out when you need it, hook up, and close the hatch on it.

judimasters | September 17, 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave Is this safe for the overall electrical system? I mean does it just involve the lights or could there be a possible interruption of the overall system?

judimasters | September 27, 2013

I would like anyone's opinion on this please.

bakari.cowart | February 11, 2014

@Pungoteague_Dave Did you have to pull a power source too?

Pungoteague_Dave | February 14, 2014

There is plenty of power at the tail lights to run two extra sets of regular LED trailer lights. I posted about this elsewhere, but did not outline the wiring connections. It is very easy. The tail lights are accessible through press fit panels in the car's rear inside corners. I removed the plastic panel across the rear bottom of the tailgate opening. It snaps out, no tools. I then ran a standard trailer wiring harness, available at any car parts store, to both sides. I picked up the tail light and left brake and turn signal at the left light connector and the right turn signal at the right connector. This is easily done by removing the electrical connector from the tail light and then use a small volt meter (Radio Shack) to test which wire controls which lamp. Have someone sit in the drivers seat and operate the signals, brakes, tail lights, etc., and label the wires. Then tap in with posi-taps (no wire cutting required) and test with a trailer hooked up. I hid the wires behind the panels and left the tail with the plug hanging out into the rear footwell about a foot. When using the trailer we simply hang the harness out the hatch and plug in. There's plenty of space provided by the rear hatch seal for this, and no need for a permanent exterior outlet. Worked fine on a 2,400 mile trip towing a trailer.

bakari.cowart | February 19, 2014

@Pungoteague_Dave - Thank you very much for the first hand information! Not having to run power will make the installation that much easier.

I am ordering the pigtail now!

danm | September 8, 2014

Hey Pungoteague_Dave thank you for the information. I just tried this but it would appear I tapped into some wrong wires. Only my right turn signal is working properly. Would you be so kind as to share with us exactly which color wires you tapped into? I have a 2014 MS...assuming wire colors would be the same.

Pungoteague_Dave | September 9, 2014

@Danm, I don't have pictures or the ability to remember which wires did what. Honestly, it was pure trial and error using a volt meter, tapping the wire, and then putting it all back behind the cover panels. I had it wrong initially and had to switch a couple wires around after hooking up the first trailer. I'd have to pull it apart now to get the wire coding for you, and am not able do that right now. The good news is that you can't damage anything. Tap into one wire at a time until you find the one you need. The trailer light pigtail that you buy should come with a schematic indicating which of its wire colors supply which trailer lights.

Al_bentley | February 15, 2017

I'm looking to put a hitch on model S towing Hobie 1200 miles for the winter season then back . You have had your install a couple years . Updates on range - towing - supercharger use - Warranty etc.
Thanks Allan