Lighted T logo on front

Lighted T logo on front

Has any one installed the light Tesla Logo?

If so was it easy?
Dose it look good or is it too bright?

sagebrushnw | April 13, 2014

Take a look at:

Already in discussion. Next time use to do search.

2050project | April 13, 2014

Very cool...

Paulreiche | May 24, 2014

I just installed this last weekend and it was pretty easy, given that i have relatively little experience with this kind of thing. For me, the best explanation was here:

...but I also referred to...

I chose to go the Add-a-Fuse route, including the Oznium box so that the light can animate. The Oznium controller lets you set a variety of different animation types (I chose fade in/out) and it remembers your choice even if you turn the light off. I actually leave mine on all the time and have not seen much power drain.

While the light is not visible in full sunlight, it is EXTREMELY visible at night, attracting all kinds of wonderful attention.

Good luck! | May 24, 2014

It's a fairly easy project and I like the way it looks. I documented my install with photos at The teslarati site also has excellent instructions with a different options (see links in prior posts).

I wanted it lit up all the time, so changed the design slightly so it runs dim (which is still quite bright) when headlights are not on and full brightness when the headlights are on. Check out the different options to pick one that suits what you prefer.