Limited addresses showing from my contacts

Limited addresses showing from my contacts

I am a wholesaler and drive around a lot.
One of my favorite features of the Tesla is that any address in my iPhone can be navigated to with the Tesla.
Recently, i started noticing that some addresses wouldnt show in the Tesla even rhough they are in my iPhone.
100% of my contacts from A-F are showing with the address and i can navigate to all of them without problem.
However, 0% of my contacts from F-Z are showing the address in the Tesla even though they are in my phone.
Why would that be?
Am i the only one experiencing this?

ELM | May 19, 2013

On your computer, view and edit for formatting errors either the last shown or first not shown contact.
Sync your iPhone.
Delete your phone from the car and then add it back.

This worked for me.