List of Projected Supercharger Cities / Locations

List of Projected Supercharger Cities / Locations

I was able to get a quick screenshot the other night of the map that illustrated the supercharger locations within the next two years .

I was wondering if anyone here on the forums has access to TM to get a definitive list of all those locations? It would be important information for those of us in western states that will be buying the S and X 60Kw option for route planning.

Sudre_ | September 27, 2012

I have a friend that lives in Normal, Ill. I messaged him that it looked like (according to the map) a Tesla supercharger might be coming to his neck of the woods, probably more like in Bloomington closer to the college. He responded that he had heard they are putting one in next year.... well he heard a rumor of it. (he's a car dealer but not for Tesla)

I can only hope. That will guarantee me easy trips to Chicago from St. Louis with no issues and a friend to have lunch with when I pass thru.

csp | March 22, 2013

Allow me to resurrect the thread and opine. Technically, the college is in Normal IL. I live there.

I have seen Tesla model S sedans in town, and I know that some Tesla employees have stopped through here on unknown business. Electric cars are popular in this town, with a very high number of the plain-jane chargers installed already. 30 or 40 free public chargers is an extraordinary number for a small city in the midwest.

Normal is essentially the midpoint between Chicago and St. Louis, so it seems a logical place for a supercharger. Normal is more immediately accessible from the freeway than Bloomington as well. I would expect a supercharger in an area such as the shops at College Hills, or perhaps on Main street near the university. Both are reasonably accessible to travellers and fairly nice areas.

This is pure speculation on my part, of course.

Show them how it's done, Elon.

DonS | March 22, 2013

The picture is just a plan. Very few of those locations had real estate identified when the plan was made. I'd be more interested in finding out where Tesla has signed agreements to make the space available. If they would let us know where they are having trouble getting businesses interested, as consumers we could pressure businesses to let them know that it is the difference of whether they get our business or not.

My number 1 is for the red dot around San Luis Obispo instead of spending a couple hours in a Rabobank parking lot.