Lloyd Luxe Mats with logo

Lloyd Luxe Mats with logo

E mailed Lloyd mats, reply was they did not have permission to use the Tesla logo .

I suggested they ask, and supply these logo, Luxe mats to the Tesla store.

I suggest if you want a very high thick quality fiber mat that wears like iron, email and request Lloyd mats to contact TESLA for permission.

Failing to let Lloyd mats you want a logo mat is important

vperl | May 5, 2016

It is obvious people want rubber mats in a 150k vehicle .

But, I want thick fiber , comfortable, luxurious mat with Tesla logo..

Elon, wake up, licence Lloyd mats. PLEASE


DevGuy | May 5, 2016

Better quality carpet mats would be a very nice upgrade. Sending her a note.

elguapo | May 5, 2016

@vperl Why do you care if it has the Tesla logo? The mats that come with it don't have the logo. Anyone who gets in the car knows it's a Tesla.

vperl | May 5, 2016

Well, if you do not understand, I cannot explain, but thank-you very much.

I must be the only one that never puts rubber trays in my cars.

I love, the thick luxury of of a logo on the fiber mats.

Be Happy

By October there will be mats. Just perfect timing.

elguapo | May 5, 2016

@vperl I do get it. It's a preference thing and I respect that.

vperl | May 5, 2016

Yep, have gotten Lloyd Luxe logo mats always.

Set off the vehicle, shows respect for a class vehicle.

Rubber just does not get it for me.....

Easy to clean, but I do not wade in mud before entering vehicle or Ford rivers, or haul rug rats, urchin's, or deer corpse around..

Rubber great for other purpose

lilbean | May 5, 2016

Lately, I've had a greater appreciation for proper grammar and coherent writing.

vperl | May 5, 2016

Be Happy

I am

vperl | May 6, 2016

The more emails to Lloyd mats the logoed mat will be approved by Tesla for Lloyd to produce, LUXE is fantastic Lloyd mat

vperl | May 6, 2016


vperl | May 7, 2016


aesculus | May 7, 2016

I am with @vperl on this one and I too had emailed Llyods with the same request. It's scary to think we think the same. :-)

I think the emails need to go to Tesla, and not Lloyds though. Hoping perhaps they can give permission based on Tesla customer request etc. Perhaps us supplying Lloyd's with VIN etc.

vperl | May 8, 2016


vperl | May 8, 2016

If any wish to have the best fiber mats made in your X with a logo..

Email the below person. Remember to mention for LLOYDS to contact Tesla for licensing.

Nothing happens without just a little effort

By Happy

wang5150 | May 8, 2016

Email sent. Thanks for the tip on Luxe line of Lloyds mats. They do look very luxurious.

vperl | May 8, 2016

Email the lady, ask her to get LLOYDS to license Tesla, I have logo Luxe mats they are excellent.

Wear like iron. Seven years old look new.

vperl | May 11, 2016


wang5150 | May 11, 2016

I emailed her but never got any responses.

vperl | May 11, 2016

Try again, be persistent .

Very friendly, but do not quit.

vperl | May 12, 2016


vperl | May 12, 2016

Got reply from Lloyd mats, seems they are unsure about the need to contact Tesla.

Contacting Lloyd to ask them to get the license from Tesla is our responsibility.

wang5150 | May 12, 2016

Just emailed again requesting to be notified once these are available for purchase (6 seat configuration in my case).

BadgerX | May 13, 2016

American Floor Mats ( claims they have X mats in carpet, rubber, or berber for both 6 & 7 seat versions. No logos though.

vperl | May 13, 2016

Logo is what I am interested in only

Several outfits have non !ogo mats, no big deal

LLOYDS has license with many auto companies, all LLOYDS has to do is request. So far we just need to encourage LLOYDS to contact Tesla.

Email Lloyds

aesculus | May 13, 2016

The latest from Llyods

We at Lloyd Mats must have a legal binding contract to use any logo. This includes Tesla. At this time we do not have licensing rights to use the Tesla logo on our mats.

vperl | May 13, 2016

Yes, that is old news.

Email the back, "yes, when is LLOYDS approaching Tesla for an agreement in produced Tesla logo mats"

vperl | May 13, 2016

TESLA Logo Mats from LLOYDS for the MX.

Sitting there and not contacting LLOYDS several times over a week or two will show your interest, tell others

vperl | May 15, 2016

The only way to convince LLOYDS Mats is to contact them several times.


aesculus | May 15, 2016

It has to be more than you and I though. She is sick of hearing from me.

wang5150 | May 15, 2016

I've emailed her a couple of times as well.

wang5150 | May 15, 2016

Let's see if I get my Model X before the Luxe Tesla logo mats...

vperl | May 15, 2016

Need to spread the word to get LLOYDS moving

lilbean | May 15, 2016

Maybe you could comment on their YouTube video that's says they make mats for every make, every model.

aesculus | May 15, 2016

Every make, every model, just not every logo. :-)

vperl | May 15, 2016

Don' T ask them to acquire a license or tell them to contact Tesla.

What ever

vperl | May 19, 2016

Lloyd's Mats go for it.

sunnycheema89 | May 19, 2016

Ev Everything has both Luxe and Rubber mats. And great response. I don't think Tesla will allow Lloyd to use their logo because of their agreement with WeatherTech.

aesculus | May 19, 2016

Well TSportsline claims they can engrave the T logo. They are another Tesla accessory shop.

vperl | May 22, 2016

Great, got picture of what they engrave ?

Any thing more than the. T

DevGuy | May 24, 2016

In case it helps anyone, just ordered my Ebony colored Lloyds Luxe mats for our X (front, middle, and 3rd row - skipped cargo areas) -- $352.00 for the set minus a little discount beyond that. Delivery sounds like in the next few days direct from Lloyds, which is nice as well.

If anyone needs a good contact for the mats & at a decent price, here is the info of the very nice fellow Lloyds referred to me ... / 800-498-7882 (he has a 5% discount coupon you can use as well "CUSTOM5")

aesculus | May 24, 2016

Since Lloyds cannot or will not embroider the T logo, anyone have a line on a company that has less scruples and can embroider on thick carpeting?

lilbean | May 24, 2016

Jerry is a super cool guy.

aesculus | May 25, 2016

I emailed to find out if they can do the Model X and also about the T logo. Stand by.

aesculus | May 25, 2016

@lilbean rules the day. Look at what she found at Jerry's. FTW.

lilbean | May 25, 2016

@aesculus: Woohoo! Yes! Thank you! You're welcome :)

aesculus | May 25, 2016

Larry and I have been exchanging emails and phone calls. Just about to order a set of the Model X mats. Similar to what is shown in the link above on Model X but with TESLA spelled out below all of the T's. I am also going with the off white embroidery and outside trim to match my off white (aka tan) leather seats. Look at the Model S pictures for samples. I was going to go red to match the exterior and because it's 'hot', but the wife indicated to me the white contrast was so much more 'rich' looking. :-)

Not I asked why the center piece had to be separate from the piece in front and along side the middle row and the answer was because the embroidery machine could not handle a single piece that size. Oh the humanity.

Now I have to decide on black or charcoal. I am thinking charcoal but either need someone who has a Model X and has bought his mats in the color or wait for a sample