Lloyd's Mats Stink (Black version)

Lloyd's Mats Stink (Black version)

But they look and work great. So...the natural question is, does anyone know how to remove the stink?

A quick google search leads me to believe the best bet is a Dawn and warm water wash 'n scrub, a sunbath, then febreeze or 303 spray. Fellow googlers need not reply. Before I roll out the full monte, does anyone have personal, recent experience getting the stink off the black Lloyd's Rubbertite mats? Thanks in advance!

J.T. | July 12, 2013

I received mine two weeks before my 85 arrived. I left them out on my deck the whole time. Still a faint petroleum smell when it's been relly hot in the car but other than that they aired out nicely.

michael1800 | July 12, 2013

Alright. I'll buckle down for the gauntlet o' work. Shenanigans they didn't clean these bad boys before sending em out. Thanks for the response, Jtodtman.

RedShift | July 12, 2013

I returned my lloyds all weather stinky mats. No questions asked, refunded money and allowed me to keep them, which I promptly put in my attic. No direct sunlight, but lot of heat, let them out gas all summer. I turned the refund around and bought carpeted Lloyd's versions, which not only don't stink, but look awesome.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

The later versions of Lloyd's appear to be stinkless. I'm guessing some mfg error caused the problem.

ddruz | July 13, 2013

I bought the Ultimats a couple months ago and they have had no odor whatsoever.

michael1800 | July 13, 2013

Based on what data I can find, the stink appears to apply only to the Rubbertite material and amongst the Rubbertite mats, only the black ones. Today, I wrestle the stank, gentlemen. They shall not pass back unto the car with their current character.

hfcolvin | July 13, 2013

I have the rubbertite gray one for the cargo space and it made the car smell like a sewer. 6 weeks of sitting in the driveway, sun and rain, took care of most of it. My son complains from the back seat sometimes, but I honestly think it's really his feet as the two smells are very similar.