Long Distance Travel Kit

Long Distance Travel Kit

I'm planning my first of several long distance trips with my P85, and I want to put together a travel kit to reduce my range anxiety.

What I want in the kit: things that are easy to get if I plan, and I'll kick myself if I don't have it.

Here's what I'm thinking I might need in addition to what Tesla provided:

Extension cord (NEMA 14-50) (

14-30 to 14-50 adapter (

TT-30 to 14-50 adapter (

first aid/survival kit (

Comments/suggestions welcome! Flames to /dev/null....

jat | February 24, 2013

You probably also want a 10-30 adapter, as most older dryer outlets are 10-30 rather than 14-30.

Alex K | February 24, 2013

Do you have some kind of tire sealant or tire repair kit? You will have allot of range anxiety if you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.

Hills | February 24, 2013

Please go read the bag of adapter and other threads, tons of discussion and info. There are many there who know far more than me.

Your Extension cord is fine, I bought the 30 ft version.

I doubt that you would need either the 14-30 adapter, or the TT-30.
However, as far as I know, it is not possible to buy a 14-30 adapter (your link is not the right kind), you have to make your own. Why do you want the TT-30 adapter?

shop | February 24, 2013

Those tt-30 to nema 14-50 adapters typically are not wired correctly for the Tesla. You need to rewire or make your own adapter. Search other threads (like the bag of adapters thread) to see how to make one.

shop | February 24, 2013

I think the tt-30 is very important, but I can see a real life use case for it in about 2 weeks. If you do enough traveling, you'll realize that it might be nice to have...

jat | February 24, 2013

Your link for the 14-30 adapter is an L14-30, which isn't the same thing at all.

As @shop points out, the typical TT-30 -> 14-50 adapter only wires up one leg of the 14-50 adapter, while the Mobile Connector expects whatever voltage to be across the two hot lines.

nickjhowe | February 24, 2013

@Hills - newer homes (last 10-15 years) probably have 14-30 vs 10-30.

Hills | February 24, 2013

Sorry, let me clarify.
If Craigi is doing long distance travel, I assume he will try to find RV parks, which means 14-50, and not be looking for dryer outlets.

Nick, you have helped me many times, and I am making both 10-30 and 14-30 adapters when I may be at a friend's house and need a charge. Craigi was where I was 3 weeks ago, when I thought I can buy these adapters, but it is not possible on Amazon or Ebay or anywhere else on the web that I looked. Have to make your own.

@Craigi, there is the most basic extension cord for the true emergency when the only outlet is 110V.

jat | February 25, 2013

@Hills - they won't have 14-30's either, and since he included that I assumed he was looking at either charging at a friend's house that was a destination, or in the case of emergency using one (PlugShare can list dryer outlets for example).

Personally if I was going to use a 120V extension cord, I would want it #10 wire, something like

Tesla already recommends not to use an extension cord, and even my heavy-duty 15A cord gets rather warm just running the leaf (heh, almost typed that all-caps :) blower so I wouldn't want to use it for many hours of 12A charging.

asingla | February 25, 2013

For those camping trips - will these generators work ;)

Peter7 | February 25, 2013

Hey Craigi,

How long of a road trip are you thinking? I had a great one (and long), which I ended up needing a number of adapters. I would make sure you have adapters for:

10-30 (Set Max Charge at 24A)
14-30 (Set Max Charge at 24A)
NEMA 6-20, 20A 240V (Set Max charge at 16A)

Personally I wouldn't worry about a TT-30, it's only 120V and the S maxes out charging on 120V at 20A, so you don't really get too large of a gain there, since is probably at an RV park anyway and you really just want one of their "50 Amp Hookups". By the way, asking for anything but a "50 Amp Hookup" can lead to all sorts of confusion and a high likelihood that you will not get what you really want (a 14-50).

Also, I don't know how "in the middle of no-where" you will be, but in those cases I always add Tire patch kit, air pump, hats jackets gloves sleeping bag, freeze dried meals for a few days, water, small backpacking stove.


dstiavnicky | February 25, 2013

My electrician made me a NEMA 15-50 (electric stove female ) to NEMA 12-30 (dryer plug female) extension of 30 feet. This will work for the cottage, family and friend visits by running it to their dryer plug. I just have to reduce the charge rate from 40 amps to 26 amps when using it.

He is making me a second 20 foot version with a 30 Amp breaker box in the middle. I'll leave that at the cottage...

dstiavnicky | February 25, 2013

Sorry I meant (dryer plug MALE) above.

Brian H | February 25, 2013

Thought so. I didn't think sexual liberation had come to the electric connector world!