Long Range M3 not charging to 325 Miles with 2019.8.3

Long Range M3 not charging to 325 Miles with 2019.8.3

Anyone having this bug where their M3 Long Range not charging to the updated 325 Mile Range?

Watch my video to see what I mean.

ksusweep | April 2, 2019

Mine charged to ~ 322. Wonder if this means I have more defective / sub-optimal battery cells than the average....

gmr6415 | April 2, 2019

Mine charges to 314. That's 4 more than when I purchased it. I don't see a problem that it now estimates more range than when I agreed to purchase a car with a 310 range, especially when in actuality it has always averaged better than the initial rating.

thomas.hitchcock | April 2, 2019

My LR RWD still only charges to 310 at 100% with the 2019.8.3. It would charged to 310 at 100% shortly before the last few updates. I tried recalibrating it...getting down to 1 mile left and then fully recharging, but it only went to 310.

My wife's LR RWD charges to something like would do 310 before the latest update. Haven't tried to recalibrate her's.

Carl Thompson | April 2, 2019

The video was completely unnecessary and added nothing!

rdavis | April 2, 2019

@thomas, what makes you think there is a way for the end user to “recalibrate” the system...

dsvick | April 2, 2019

According to your video the car is still charging, eve though it says 100% at the top you can see below the the image that it's still charging. The 100% is likely rounded, wait until it says charging complete and see what it says.

Carl Thompson | April 2, 2019


Lots of people seem to think if you drive down to near zero and then charge to 100% it will somehow recalibrate the battery management system and somehow miraculously you'll have more range.

Of course that's not true... the best you can hope for is that the you'll have the same range but the meter will more accurately reflect the range you have.

hokiegir1 | April 2, 2019

Our LR RWD got a bump to 318 when full, but that's it. Meh. It'll either show up eventually...or it won't. I bought when it was 310, and I have higher than that, so the rest is just gravy.

mjbwf5 | April 2, 2019

I've got the 2019.9 w/ advanced summon and mine doesn't charge to 325 either. It still has the about 2-3 miles higher rated range that always has had. I'm wondering if there is a separate component (firmware) that is uploaded with whatever software version you are going to, and some have gotten the firmware.

lordmiller | April 2, 2019

My Dual Motor used to charge to 100% with the new update it charges to 102%. Awesome increase!! Thanks Tesla.

guyrita | April 2, 2019

I’m just guessing here...nothing to back this up...but it might be calibrating based upon your driving habits? I have the LR RWD as well, it’s been charging to 314-315. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really change anything. It’s just a gauge showing a higher/lower number. You’re not actually getting more miles per charge, they just updated the software to give us a closer estimate of calculating range based upon their data.

mknewman | April 2, 2019

Mine went from 278 for normal charge to 270 this morning. It was cold, in the 40's, but I seem to be losing significant range.

Bryan.whitton | April 2, 2019

@Carl Thompson - Just to set things straight. Our LFP lithium stationary batteries re-calibrate by draining to very near 0 and then fully recharging. So it depends on the BMS design.

Carl Thompson | April 2, 2019

"@Carl Thompson - Just to set things straight. Our LFP lithium stationary batteries re-calibrate by draining to very near 0 and then fully recharging. So it depends on the BMS design."

I know you know your batteries so I think maybe you misunderstood what I was saying? I'm saying that recalibration does not actually make batteries last longer. It just makes the electronics better able to anticipate how long a battery will last accurately.

From what I understand how long a battery lasts is determined by chemistry / physics. I.e., how much work you can get out of it before the voltage drops to a level that is no longer usable. If I understand correctly there is nothing recalibration can do that is going to change the chemistry / physics of the cell. So if you are able to get a real 3,000mAh from a fully charged cell (4.2V) until you get down to the application's limit of usability (we'll say 2.8V) then there is nothing recalibration can do to make you suddenly able to get 3,500 mAh from that cell. What recalibration _does_ do is make it so that the electronics have a better idea of how much energy is stored / remaining in the cell. So perhaps before recalibration the electronics thought the cell held 2,500 mAh even though the cell actually held 3,000 mAh. After recalibration the electronics is able to determine that the cell really holds 3,000 mAh and therefore the meter is recalibrated to more accurately reflect the actual amount of energy left in the cell. However regardless of recalibration the amount of actual energy you can get from cell before and after is the same: 3,000 mAh.

Extending this to Teslas what I'm saying is that recalibration won't actually make the car go further on a charge.

But this is definitely not my field of expertise. Do I have something wrong?

2015P90DI | April 2, 2019

Click bait for his youtube channel. It's called battery degradation. Tesla batteries do not charge to their original advertised rated miles forever. They degrade as time goes on and with each charge. You started with 310. You now have 321. What's the problem? Didn't watch the video, but assuming the car didn't still charge to the original 310 before the update, so it won't charge to the full 325 after the update either. Again, didn't watch the video, so just making an assumption based on occam's razor

eandmjep | April 3, 2019

I saw a youtube video from Kim @liketesla and their LR M3 was only charging to 260 or so at 100% due to consistent Charging from 40 to never more than 70% But knew the car on a road trip would go farther than the 260 miles. She found out that they were wrong and were told by some Tesla techs that at 260 miles at 100%soc they would have only gotten 260 miles out of the car before it shut own even with 17% SOC still in the battery because the car could not properly determine available energy. They had to have their M3's range reset back to the 310 and even stated that an answer from the tech as well as Elon that charging to 90% all the time wont hurt these batteries. All these claims were in the video. Her M3 at 260 miles driving at the rated usage would have shut itself down based on the information it had in order to protect the battery regardless of any remaining SOC according to TESLA.

lbowroom | April 3, 2019

Predicted range and actual range have a pretty loose correlation. Because the readout is digital, people assign precision to it that it doesn't posses. It's just a crystal ball.

Trevoroklein | April 3, 2019

Our LR RWD charges to about 307, even on 2019.8.3. Tried the calibration for kicks (drained to 8%, charged to 100%), and nothing changed. I asked a CS rep about it, and she said the increase rolled out with 2019.8.3, and that it'd take about a week of driving with that firmware for the increase to show up. Take that with whatever size grain of salt you will; it'll be a week later by tomorrow morning, and still no increase.

Carl Thompson | April 3, 2019

Here on the forums I've read a lot of people say they tried this recalibration technique with no results. I don't recall reading even a single person report that they tried it and it worked to have the car report more range than when they started. I wonder if this is a real technique that should work or just a rumor that's grown because it sounds plausible?

"I asked a CS rep about it, and she said the increase rolled out with 2019.8.3, and that it'd take about a week of driving with that firmware for the increase to show up. Take that with whatever size grain of salt you will ..."

A huge grain of salt because for sure every part of that is wrong. The range "increase" (for my car at least) came in 2019.5.15 and it was immediate; as soon as the update was done the car reported more range. No driving for a week necessary.

beaver | April 3, 2019

I haven’t charged to 100% since 5.15 update with range extension. But I extrapolate from 90% 283 miles is 314 miles. I have 24k miles. I am ok with that, our warranty only kicks in if range drops by 30% (so below 228).

ODWms | April 3, 2019

Shouldn't it be a tiny grain of salt?

ADinM3 | April 3, 2019

My range is unchanged from before 5.15, with 5.15, and now on 8.3. Range is basically @306 miles. Not sure what to think of it and hopefully at some point I will see some improvement. The fact is never changed seems weird but I know a few of us are like that so I assume it must be a bug. 17k miles on car and only driven between 50-80% SOC with only a few outliers and calibrations.

@Carl, I think you are kind of correct on the "recalibration" but I think it is possible for the car's BMS algorithms to not be optimal if it is operating on a different set of assumptions than the batteries themselves. At minimum, it could (I'm guessing) result in the car deciding to shutdown and leave you stranded a few miles sooner than it might otherwise do.

Recalibration has been shown to correct display errors which accumulate over time, but whether it does anything for the range increase is yet to be confirmed in my mind. Probably doesn't hurt and just eliminates one "thing to try".

TexasBob | April 3, 2019

FWIW, what worked for me was to power down and then restart the car after the update.

TexasBob | April 3, 2019

Just for clarity By “power down” I mean not drain the battery but go into the service settings and hit the power off button.

Trevoroklein | April 3, 2019

Just tried fully powering off, and that didn't work either.

@Carl, that's what I thought I remembered too -- we were on 2019.5.15 before this -- I'm just a little flummoxed as to why the change still hasn't kicked in for our car. We've kept the battery between about 65-85%, and only have ~7k miles on it, so I'd be surprised if the capacity had already decreased that much. Not a big deal. I know it's just a number on the screen. Just strange.

gmr6415 | April 4, 2019

Just a thought here. I just received 2019.8.4 in the last day or two. I haven't seen anything in any prior release notes about a 5% boost in range. 2019.8.4 did state there was a 5% boost in power but stated nothing about range. 2019.5.15 didn't state anything about a 5% boost in range either. Does anyone even know for sure that the update with the 5% boost in range has been sent? I would think that would be something listed in the notes.

jjt2122 | April 4, 2019

It’s no big deal that it’s not charging to 325, but I was just wondering about others experiences, my car only has 5K miles on it, there should not be any battery degradation yet.
But I’m still happy with how many miles I’m getting, my daily commute is only 10 miles a day so it’s all good.

aservin | May 14, 2019

My M3 : LR Aug 2018 , 19K mi, rev 2019.12.1.2. No boost. I have NEVER gotten 310, now I get 291-294 on a 100%. I charge daily at home to 80%. One time I did the 5% to 100% and went to 294. It seems to me that my car has less batteries than the rest of you guys. Is that possible? What can I do to improve it?

httran26 | May 14, 2019

Don't worry about it. What you are doing is fine. Just charge it to 80% and drive. You have not lost any battery. The car is just calculating the miles wrong.

If you really want to get the car to display the advertised range, you have to cycle it from high (above 90%) to low (20% or lower) about three times or more. Then keep charging it to 90%. Well, that's what I do to get my range back. I usually do it when I go on a road trip and need to charge it above 90% anyway.

Fredvanngo | May 14, 2019

My model 3 is Charged to 80-90% daily you should get 250-270 miles range, and to 100% before a long trip once a week, you should get 310-325 miles for the LR model 3.

httran26 | May 14, 2019

In case I wasn't clear, your car is displaying a lower mile range is because you are charging it to 80%. This causes the computer calculation to go off over time.

whisky7 | May 14, 2019

I just took delivery on my m3p 1 week ago and when I charged to 100% my range was 309 miles. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining just wounding if it should be closer to 325?

ADinM3 | May 14, 2019

@aservin, I would try a few more calibrations and maybe deeper discharges if you are currently operating in a very narrow range, but if that doesn't improve above 294 @ 100% SOC, I think I would at least have a discussion with the SC.

I tend to believe most the variation we see is likely due to quirky software which has been mentioned elsewhere. I have no clue if this is true but I hope it is the case as it implies there is hope it will eventually be more accurate.

Unfortunately, small variations in battery health is not intuitively obvious since the car doesn't show the one metric which would be truly helpful, i.e. charge capacity. I understand why they don't share it, so we have to go to a lot more work to divine it.

tj99vx | May 15, 2019

@whisky7 the m3p did not get the boost. I am not sure why but only the LR RWD go the boost in range. My car only got a boost of about 5-7 miles and not the 15 as stated by Tesla. I guess each car is a little different.

M3BlueGeorgia | May 15, 2019

@tj99vx When Tesla released the LR RWD they opted to publish a lower EPA range than it was entitled, presumably so they could claim the same range (310 miles) for the AWD version. In reality the RWD version is a bit more efficient than the AWD and gets a higher EPA range (325 miles).

This fix, which I still haven't received the benefit of, passes through most of the EPA range of LR RWD. However, it doesn't affect your actual range. There's no more batteries.

zombietech | May 30, 2019

If the published range was 310 and at 100% my car showed 310 miles range, then post update (many updates) my car still only displays 310 miles range at 100% what is the point?

M3phan | May 30, 2019

Yeah, my LR RWD hadn’t “changed” yet either. Only s couple times did it show s new number. Mostly always shows original range percentages.

M3phan | May 30, 2019

Oh I’m in 2019.16.2

bradbomb | May 30, 2019

@M3phan I'm in almost the same boat as you. When 2019.5.15 first got installed for me, I saw my mileage increase comparing before the update to afterwards. I even said so on this forum (incorrectly I now realize). Since then, I have actually never seen the actual increase when charging to 90%. My LR RWD only shows between 271-275 when charged to 90%. I'm still on 2019.12.1.2. Picked up my vehicle in July 2018 and am in SoCal. My M3 also still hasn't been queued for the update, but I'm someone who can only get my car on WiFi using my phone's hotspot capabilities. I also don't have a way to charge at home, so I don't have an easy way to risk doing a recalibration of the battery. The lowest I have gotten my battery to was about 90 miles left.

nhunguyen | May 30, 2019

Same here. Once I saw the range up to something like 316 at 100%. But now 279 at 90% consistently.
But it doesn’t matter when it estimated 10% left for next SC when in reality I only got 6 miles when reaching the SC. (I did ignore the warnings slowing down the speed to have enough battery to reach my destination )
From now on, chill mode it will be for my long trips.

40milecommuter | June 15, 2019

LR RWD - 2019.20.1 9973c22 - 17,816 miles

305 miles @100% charge

lilbean | June 15, 2019

324 12.1.2

FISHEV | June 15, 2019

Just did first full charge to 100% in first 1,000 miles and max charge was 308 miles. Tesla says I’m more efficient than 95% of M3 drivers so I was expecting higher range not lower range.

Hd121308 | June 15, 2019

May 2018 LR
18000 miles
2019.20.1 Getting 305 - 310 miles at 100%
Was getting 310 - 315 miles with 2029.16.2
316 miles was top

vmulla | June 15, 2019

Jan 2018 LR
38000 miles
2019.15.11 Getting 309-311 at 100%
Max at 100% 316

magglass1 | June 15, 2019

May 2018 LR RWD
14500 miles
2019.20.1 and getting 303 miles at 100%

jjt2122 | June 15, 2019

I charged today to 100 percent and its at 320, did my battery loose 5 miles?

jjt2122 | June 15, 2019

I charged today to 100 percent and its at 320, did my battery loose 5 miles?

anandkavita | June 17, 2019

May 2018 LR
25000 miles
charged to 100% today 305
highest was 315 at 100% and after 12.1.2 update is when it dropped. Hoping it increases with the next updates.

techplughd | August 29, 2019

July 2018 LR RWD
24,000 Miles
Charge to 100% gets me 308 miles
I was getting 318-320 before the most recent update.

p.s. does anyone know a clear way to recalibrate the battery to be more accurate?