Long term storage effect on battery etc

Long term storage effect on battery etc

Hi- new to this forum..
Im looking at buying a 2008 Roadster in Ca. The trouble is i need to register and store it for a year in the USA, before I can ship it to Australia (where I will live). Was wondering what storage prep is needed. Would i need to completely disconnect the battery? What effect would this have on long term battery life?

Alternatively - Im sure I could find someone to "babysit" for 12 months ...

is there a page/topic for owners of the original 2008 Roadsters?

Hall-Morin | January 30, 2018

Hi, you'll need to have it monitored in addition to being plugged in (110v using the 'yellow' cable is ideal). Visit the teslamotorsclub forum for the Roadster for a wealth of info (and helpful owners). Here's the link:

Earl and Nagin ... | January 31, 2018

The Roadster has a "Storage Mode" among the charging options that tries to keep the battery around 50% state of charge. You should be able to just leave it plugged in in "Storage Mode" and it will be fine. I do recommend checking every couple of weeks to be sure it isn't low on charge though since I'm not 100% sure the "Storage Mode" works properly.

james_petree | February 3, 2018

I am owner of a 08 Roadster (#93) and can tell you two things. First, the roadsters do have a storage mode that will maintain the battery at a 20% state of charge. If this is your first experience with lithium batteries, the rule of thumb is that for longer life you want to maintain a low state of charge. The caveat being: DON’T LET IT DIE! A completely dead lithium battery is just that, dead or ‘bricked.’

Second, monitor the car’s state of charge. I have both a 240 and a 120 outlet in my garage, the Model S is usually on the 240, while the Roadster is on the 120. The problem is that occasionally the GFCI breaker on that circuit trips, causing no power to the car. The battery can self-discharge at a rate of 1%/day, so with a 20% SOC, it wouldn’t take long for serious problems to occur if it was not monitored. Obviously, any circuit can trip, or another possible issue is the car having a ‘charging error’ occur, requiring you to disconnect and reconnect the power supply.

My advice: keep it plugged in, set to storage mode, and have someone stop by every other week to check on it.

ritu.gupta.scs | June 25, 2019

I was looking for the same information although I didn't quite need to put the car into storage for quite as long. I've got an assignment that just doesn't require commute and I would hate to put my car away into long-term storage (1) if I can help it. It's good to know that there's that storage mode that will help to conserve the batter of the car. I would hate to spend so much money on the car just to know it's going to die from disuse.